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r2p: Research To Practice at NIOSH

 Scientist with optical wire, Worker wearing respirator and chemical protective clothing, Worker sampling soil, and Welder with cutting torch

Partnership Opportunities

The NIOSH Research to Practice (r2p) Program invites stakeholders and potential partners to learn more about our current licensing opportunities and research projects open to collaboration. The lists on this page show select NIOSH partnership opportunities and are updated as new opportunities become available for occupational safety and health research collaboration. NIOSH Scientists are available to discuss each opportunity in more detail. You may also contact the r2p contact who leads our partnership and technology transfer efforts for more information.

Additional information on further partnership opportunities and research programs such as the NIOSH Program Portfolio and the NIOSH Occupational Research Agenda (NORA) can be found in the Additional Resources section of this site. We also encourage you to view our r2p in action page for a list of licensed technologies and other r2p endeavors at NIOSH. These success stories are examples of how NIOSH can effectively translate research into practice with the help of outstanding partners. You could be our next outstanding partner in occupational safety and health!

Featured Partnership Opportunity

Partner with the NORA Manufacturing Sector Program
Project Contact: Michael Baskett, (513-533-8153)
The NORA Manufacturing Sector Council is seeking partners in industry, labor, academia, and government to lead or contribute to its research and transfer goals identified in the NORA National Manufacturing Agenda. For more information about the Manufacturing Sector program or on how to get involved in program priority areas such as Contact with Objects and Equipment, Falls, Musculoskeletal Disorders, Hearing Loss, Cancer, Health Disparities, Small Businesses, and Catastrophic Incidents, refer to the fact sheets below or contact Greg Lotz, Program Manager at 513- 533-8462 or Michael Baskett, Program Coordinator at 513-533-8153.
Injuries & Fatalities From Contact with Objects
Occupational Injuries & Fatalities Due To Falls
Musculoskeletal Disorders in Manufacturing
Occupationally-Induced Hearing Loss in Manufacturing
Work-Related Respiratory Diseases
Work-Related Cancer
Health Disparities in Manufacturing
Small Businesses in Manufacturing
Occupational Emerging Risks
Catastrophic Incidents in Manufacturing

Featured Licensing Opportunities

This section lists NIOSH's commercial licensing opportunities. These opportunities are available to partners for the development of new products. Our goal is to bring these innovations and ideas to market. NIOSH’s featured opportunities are listed below. See Additional NIOSH Licensing Opportunities for more technologies available for licensing and the Tech Transfer Guidance page for process guidance.

Scientific Contact: John Powers, (304-285-6219)
Licensing Contact: Kathleen Goedel (513-533-8686)
To better improve safety and protect workers, NIOSH developed the JamAlert system which automatically terminates power to a machine (such as a baler) when a jam is detected and initiates a system that prevents the machine from being turned back on before the jam is cleared. This technology was granted a patent (U.S. Patent 7,493,854 External Web Site) on February 24, 2009. The newly developed JamAlert could be adapted to machinery that is prone to jamming and/or requires a secondary level of lock-out control. This innovation could benefit workers in farming or manufacturing (i.e. baler operators). NIOSH is interested in identifying partners to further test and move the technology into the workplace.

QuickFit Ear Plug Test Device pdf icon (891.14KB; 2 pages)
Scientific Contact: Bob Randolph (412-386-4660)
Licensing Contact: Kathleen Goedel (513-533-8686)
The QuickFit earplug test device is a simple, inexpensive, handheld device that lets earplug users check the fit of their earplugs and test the effectiveness of the earplugs against potentially hazardous noise. Workers in construction, mining, farming, and manufacturing could benefit from this device. The QuickFit can also be used in homes, schools, or recreational settings. NIOSH is looking for partners to commercialize this device.

Safety Rail Systempdf icon  (922.95KB; 2 pages)
Scientific Contact: Tom Bobick (304-285-5986)
Licensing Contact: Kathleen Goedel (513-533-8686)
The NIOSH-designed Roof Bracket-Safety Rail System offers the construction industry a combination safety rail and scaffolding apparatus that is easy to use while secure, durable and compact. The system creates a moveable safety barrier, so if a worker loses balance, the fall is immediately prevented. NIOSH is seeking partners to manufacture and commercialize this patented technology (U.S. Patent 7,509,702 External Web Site)

Wearable Kneel Sit Devicepdf icon  (914.36KB; 2 pages)
Scientific Contact: Steve Hudock (513-533-8183)
Licensing Contact: Kathleen Goedel (513-533-8686)
This device provides relief and comfort for individuals kneeling for long durations while working or doing household activities such as gardening. Providing comfort increases productivity on the job. Workers in ship building, construction, farming, automobile services, and carpet and flooring installation could significantly benefit from this product. NIOSH is seeking partners to commercialize this patented technology. (U.S. Patent 7,152,919 External Web Site)

Current Partnership Opportunities

NIOSH routinely offers opportunities where researchers are looking for partners to collaborate in specific research. This list is also updated on a frequent basis. We encourage you to contact the primary investigator or r2p representative listed for further information.

Transportation, Warehousing, and Utilities (TWU) pdf icon  (1.12MB; 2 pages)

Project Contact: Max Kiefer, (303-236-5944)
NIOSH is seeking partners to provide feedback to the TWU agenda, implement the TWU agenda, identify research or activities in your organization that apply to one or more strategic goals, or become involved in research or activities in one or more of the strategic goal areas. Refer to the Transportation, Warehousing, and Utilities Fact Sheet for more information on how to become involved.

NIOSH Field Effort to Assess Chemical Exposure Risks to Gas and Oil Workers pdf icon  (1.12MB; 2 pages)

Project Contact: Eric Esswein, (303–236–5946)
There is a lack of existing information regarding the variety and magnitude of chemical exposure risks to oil and gas extraction workers. To determine if risks are present, NIOSH wants to develop partnerships with the oil and gas extraction industry to identify, characterize and (if needed) control workplace chemical exposures. Workers, managers, supervisors, and health and safety professionals involved in oil and gas drilling and servicing operations are encouraged to participate in the field effort. For more information, refer to the attached flyer.

Do You Work With Agricultural Pesticides?
NIOSH Needs Your Helppdf icon  (905KB; 1 page)
Solicitamos su colaboraciónpdf icon  (326KB; 1 page)

Project Contact: Kimberly Faulkner, (412-386-5004)
To improve worker safety and health, NIOSH is seeking feedback on the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) concerns of agricultural pesticide handlers. Workers, their employers, and organizations that work on their behalf are encouraged to contact NIOSH to discuss safety and health concerns.

NIOSH Looking for Facilities to Provide Access for Occupational Safety and Health Research
Are you in the manufacturing or construction industry and concerned about workplace safety and health? NIOSH's Industry Wide Studies Branch (IWSB) is in need of partnerships with facilities willing to provide site access for conducting exposure assessment studies. Interested companies should contact the listed scientific contact for more information.

  1. For 2',2'''-Dithiobisbenzanilide (CAS# 135-57-9, DTBBA, a plasticizer),
    contact Steve Wurzelbacher, (513-841-4322).
  2. For 2-Methoxy-4-nitroaniline (CAS# 97-52-9, 2M4Na, a dye),
    contact Steve Wurzelbacher, (513-841-4322).
  3. For Diacetyl in food production, (CAS# 431-03-8),
    contact Brian Curwin, (513-841-4432).
  4. For Manganese compounds in welding fumes,
    contact Kevin Hanley, (513-841-4113).

Share Your Ideas

light bulbDo you have a new or innovative work place safety technology or research product you would like to share? The NIOSH Research to Practice (r2p) Program invites potential partners and collaborators to contact us about unique ideas and products. Please email and an r2p representative will assist you.

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r2p: Research To Practice at NIOSH

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