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	worker wearing a respirator

Outputs: Archived Research to Practice

Historically, NIOSH has been a leader in applying research into workplace solutions that reduce injury and illness. Research to Practice (r2p) is a NIOSH initiative focused on the transfer and translation of research findings, technologies, and information into highly effective prevention practices and products which are adopted in the workplace.

The goal of r2p is to increase workplace use of effective NIOSH and NIOSH-funded research findings. NIOSH continues to work with our partners to focus research on ways to develop effective products, translate research findings into practice, target dissemination efforts, and evaluate and demonstrate the effectiveness of these efforts in improving worker health and safety.

Outreach Activities

NIOSH has participated in the following conferences over the past several years to disseminate NIOSH PPT information and update PPE users and stakeholders on research, certification, and standards development activities.

NIOSH Nanotech Conference
December 4-7, 2006, Cincinnati, Ohio
NIOSH information related to personal protective technology and nanotechnology.

Federal Career Day
November 15, 2006, Pittsburgh, PA

National Safety Council (NSC)
November 6-8, 2006, San Diego, CA

Society of Mining Engineers (SME) / Pittsburgh Coal Mining Institute of America (PCMIA) Annual Joint meeting
October 26-27, 2006, Washington, PA

South Park Community Day
September 23, 2006, South Park Township, Pennsylvania
Silicosis, hazard protection in the home, needle sticks.

International Society for Respiratory Protection Conference
August 27-September 1, 2006, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Multiple presentations related to respiratory protection.

New York State Fair Exhibition
August 23-September 5, 2006, Syracuse, New York
NIOSH and AIHA, hazards in the workplace and at home.

Firehouse Expo
July 25-30, 2006, Baltimore, Maryland
Approval, certification, evaluation, and post-approval activities for respirators.

American Industrial Hygiene Conference and Exposition (AIHce)
May 14-16, 2006, Chicago, Illinois
NIOSH information related to personal protective technology.

Fire Department Instructors Conference
April 25-30, 2006, Indianapolis, Indiana
NIOSH Pocket Guide.

16th Annual Construction Safety Conference and Exhibition
April 4-6, 2006, Rosemont, Illinois
Construction safety information from NIOSH.

International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC)
2006 Hazardous Materials Team Leaders Roundtable Meeting
April 4, 2006, Reston, Virginia
NIOSH CBRN Respirator and NFPA PPE Standards.

53rd Association of Perioperative Nurses (AORN) Conference
March 19-22, 2006, Washington, DC
NIOSH healthcare-related publications.

University of Pittsburgh, Center for Emergency Medicine Tools and Talent Conference
February 3, 2006, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Healthcare related publications on CD.

International Safety Equipment Association Meeting
November 17, 2005, Washington, DC
Improved Emergency Medical Service PPE performance criteria.

International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF)
John P. Redmond Symposium on Occupational Health and Safety of the Fire Services
October 23, 2005, Honolulu, Hawaii
PPE performance criteria and standards.

Advanced PPE: Challenges in Protecting First Responders
October 16-18, 2005, Blacksburg, Virginia
Various workshops relating to personal protective equipment.

3rd International Symposium on Nanotechnology and Occupational Health
October 5, 2005, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Respirator filter efficiency against nanoaerosols.

National Safety Congress and Expo
September 17-23, 2005, Orlando, Florida
NIOSH information related to personal protective technology.

National Response Team Safety & Health Committee Meeting
Respirator & Medical Technical Seminar
July 19, 2005, Washington, DC
PPE Performance Criteria and Standard.

American Industrial Hygiene Association Conference and Expo
June 23-27, 2005, Anaheim, California
NIOSH research and information related to facial anthropometrics.

AIHce Conference and Expo
May 21-26, 2005, Anaheim, California
First responders’ protection response at a tall building collapse.

52nd Association of Perioperative Nurses (AORN) Conference
April 3-7, 2005, New Orleans, Louisiana
Helping AORN members become more familiar with perioperative partners.

International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP)
Homeland Security Committee Meeting
March 25, 2005, Orlando, Florida
PPE performance criteria and standards.

National Demolition Association Annual Conference
March 5, 2005, Las Vegas, Nevada
Protocol for surveillance of programs using respirators in the construction industry.

4th International Conference on Safety and Protective Fabrics
October 26, 2004, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Self-decontaminating fabrics for chemical and biological protection.

Eighth Symposium on Performance of Protective Clothing: Global Needs and Emerging Markets
January 13, 2004, Tampa, Florida
NIOSH research related to chemical protective clothing.


Active Research to Practice (r2p)