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NORA Construction Sector Strategic Goals

Goal 14.0: Improve surveillance at the Federal, State, and private level to support the identification of hazards and associated illnesses and injuries; the evaluation of intervention and organizational program effectiveness; and the identification of emerging health and safety priorities in construction.

Intermediate Goal 14.1: Partner with surveillance researchers and federal and state surveillance programs to support, enhance, and expand collection of traditional surveillance information relevant for the construction sector

Research Goals
Research Goal Number Goal Description Status
14.1.1 Convene a workshop to systematically review existing national outcome surveillance systems to identify key shortcomings relevant to construction and to develop and implement three proposals for enhancement or expansion of current systems.
14.1.3 Expand surveillance research to improve understanding of validity and sources of bias in existing national outcome surveillance systems.
20-Year Trends in Work-Related Injuries and Disorders among Carpenters
Construction Safety and Health Tracking Plan
14.1.4 Explore and pilot approaches for enhancing the collection and use of construction sector information at the state and local level including innovative community-based approaches to documenting work-related injuries and illnesses among vulnerable worker groups in construction.
14.1.5 Explore and pilot approaches for expanding surveillance programs to improve the ability to understand and track important occupational health outcomes (e.g. respiratory diseases, hearing loss, etc) among construction workers.
14.1.6 Develop, demonstrate, and disseminate improved approaches for early identification of occupational health outcomes (e.g. a biomarker for a respiratory disease) in construction workers and integrate them into surveillance programs.
14.1.8 Develop a “White Paper” to identify the core data elements needed to meaningfully track 1) construction sector performance for injury, illness, and musculoskeletal disorder outcomes and 2) to identify future health and safety priorities in construction. Identify surveillance and survey research options and a long term roadmap for implementation.

r2p Goals
r2p Goal Number Goal Description Status
14.1.2 Convene a workshop to explore improving the organization and use of currently collected surveillance information via creation of new types of information products. Develop and disseminate additional construction surveillance information products identified from the workshop.
14.1.7 Explore and pilot the concept of a regular (e.g. every five years) “National Construction Survey” as a mechanism to collect information not currently collected by our traditional national systems.
14.1.9 Explore developing a communications product such as a “Construction Surveillance Index” or a “Construction Sector Dashboard” to describe key surveillance needs in construction in comparison with currently available information. Update over time to reflect improvements and upgrades resulting from the NORA construction sector research.

Other Projects for Goal 14.1

Project Title % Attributed to Construction
Using Cancer Registry Data for Occupational Cancer Surveillance 100%
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