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2009 General Activities on Atomic Weapons Employer (AWE) Cases

DCAS will reconstruct radiation doses by evaluating all appropriate data relevant to which an individual worker or group of workers have been exposed, particularly when radiation monitoring data are unavailable, incomplete, or of poor quality. The data used for the dose reconstructions will be obtained through requests sent to DOE and data search and capture efforts.

DCAS along with Oak Ridge Associated Universities (ORAU), the contractor hired to support NIOSH's responsibilities under the Act, have been involved in data search and capture efforts. These efforts are being conducted at various DOE sites and federal and private records storage locations throughout the United States to retrieve radiation monitoring data needed to conduct dose reconstructions.

2009 Data Search and Capture


  • Curtiss-Wright, Electro-Mechanical Division
    Cheswick, PA

    During this data capture trip, various logbooks and finding aids were reviewed for Westinghouse Nuclear Fuels Division. Fifty-three documents, 4 finding aids, and 86 microfilm cartridges were retrieved. Personnel external exposure information (1968-1983) was retrieved.


  • Kansas Federal Records Center
    Lenexa, KS

    During a second data capture trip to the Kansas Federal Records Center in March, 75 boxes of information were reviewed and 148 documents were retrieved for numerous work sites.

    Work Site
    Information Retrieved

    Aliquippa Forge

    Scope of work

    Colonie Site

    TLD environmental reports, scope of work, surface contamination survey, instruction guide

    Latty Avenue Properties

    TLD environmental reports

    Linde Ceramics Plant

    Scope of work

    Maywood Chemical Works

    TLD environmental reports, scope of work, ground water samples, soil samples, gamma borehole logging, radon and thoron data, bioassay results

    Middlesex Municipal Landfill

    TLD environmental reports, personal TLD badges and exposure reports, water analysis

    Painesville Site

    Bioassay results, water and soil samples

    Rare Earths/ W.R. Grace

    TLD environmental reports, bioassay urine samples, air particulate samples

    St. Louis Airport Storage Site (SLAPS)

    Scope of work, walkover gamma scan, bioassay results, air sample data, area surveys with maps

  • Westinghouse Electric Company (Hematite Facility)
    Hematite, MO

    The following information was retrieved for United Nuclear Corporation: airborne sample data and incidents, bioassay results, clean air act compliance information, daily air sample reports, external exposure (1961-2008), fundamentals of radiation protection, gamma counter calibration, groundwater monitoring, health physics manuals, individual whole body counts, licenses, list of materials for on-site burial, numerous site photos, radiological and criticality inspections, radiological surveys, site audits, soil sample results, stack exhaust samples, waste description, weekly progress reports, and various incident reports. Sixty-three boxes of information were reviewed and 414 documents were retrieved.

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  • Kansas Federal Records Center
    Lenexa, KS

    Ninety-eight boxes of information were reviewed and 189 documents were retrieved for numerous work sites during this data capture trip.

    Work Site
    Information Retrieved

    Ashland Oil

    Environmental sample results

    Bliss & Laughlin Steel

    Direct surface and transferable contamination survey report, air sampling radon daughters report, radiological survey of the exterior portions of the site

    Chapman Valve

    Radiological sample log book

    Combustion Engineering

    Revised decommissioning plan, environmental reports (1994 through the first quarter of 1996)

    Du Pont Deepwater Works

    Air particulate sample and reporting, bioassay sample routing log

    Latty Avenue Properties

    Hazelwood interim storage annual environmental reports

    Linde Ceramics Plant

    Bioassay results, air monitoring reporting, radon sample results, personnel radiological contamination reports

    Maywood Chemical Works

    TLD occupational radiation exposure report

    Painesville Site

    Air sampling data, gamma exposure data, bioassay sample results

    Shpack Landfill

    Exposure records and bioassay sample results

    St. Louis Airport Storage Site (SLAPS)

    Radiological sample logbook, site suitability, environmental report calendar, TLD occupational radiation exposure reports

    Ventron Corp.

    Sample collection logbook


  • Westinghouse Electric Company (Hematite Facility)
    Hematite, MO

    Fifty-nine boxes of information were reviewed and 100 documents were retrieved for the United Nuclear Corporation.

    Information Recovered

    In-vivo counts

    1969; 1974-1980

    Environmental water analysis


    Daily air sample record (DASRs), lapel samples and contamination surveys

    1978, 1994

    Nuclear material transaction reports


    Exposure summary and air sample data


    Samples of employee cumulative exposure report


    Samples selected of effluent releases


    Samples selected of accident reports


    Average stack loss


    Samples selected of contamination and radiation surveys


    Effluent monitoring reports


    Exposure information

    1977, 1979, 1982 and 1994

    Samples of J.A. Rode summary reports


    Samples of Maine Yankee reports


    Newspaper article on buried items


    Retention pond data


    Decommissioning plan



  • Nevada Test Site Records Center
    Las Vegas, NV

    Eighteen boxes of information were reviewed and 68 documents were retrieved during this data capture effort. License SNM-7 material was retrieved for the Battelle Laboratories sites (King Avenue and West Jefferson).

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