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Services Sector Products & Impacts

Services Sector products and impacts are provided in the following categories:

NIOSH Health Hazard Evaluations

  • Bailey-R
  • Park-J-H
  • Saito-R
  • Kreiss-K
  • Cox-Ganser-J
NIOSH2011 NIOSH, 2011; 1-312  (NIOSHTIC-2 entry)Health hazard evaluation report: HETA-2009-0172-3124, evaluation of dampness-associated respiratory symptoms with relocation of staff during remediation of an elementary school, North Carolina
  • Burton-NC
  • Gibbins-J
NIOSH2011 NIOSH, 2011; 1-20  (NIOSHTIC-2 entry)Health hazard evaluation report: HETA-2008-0151-3134, assessment of mold and indoor environmental quality in a middle school - Texas
  • Page-E
  • Burton-N
  • Kawamoto-M
  • Niemeier-RT
NIOSH2011 NIOSH, 2011; 1-43  (NIOSHTIC-2 entry)Health hazard evaluation report: HETA-2010-0045-3129, evaluation of health concerns in a public middle school - Virginia
  • Thomas-G
  • Clark Burton-N
  • Mueller-C
  • Page-E
NIOSH2010 NIOSH, 2010; 1-43  (NIOSHTIC-2 entry)Health hazard evaluation report: HETA-2005-0135-3116, comparison of mold exposures, work-related symptoms, and visual contrast sensitivity between employees at a severely water-damaged school and employees at a school without significant water damage, Alcee Fortier Senior High School, New Orleans
  • Achutan-C
  • West-C
  • Mueller-C
  • Boudreau-Y
  • Mead-K
NIOSH2009 NIOSH 2009: 1-39  (NIOSHTIC-2 entry)Health hazard evaluation report: HETA-2005-0076; 2005-0201-3080, environmental and biological assessment of environmental tobacco smoke exposure among casino dealers, Bally’s, Paris, and Caesars Palace Casinos, Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Chen-L
  • Tapp-L
NIOSH2009 NIOSH 2009: 1-23  (NIOSHTIC-2 entry)Health hazard evaluation report: HETA-2007-0167-3078, evaluation of exposures in sculpture studios at a college art department, Brooklyn College, Brooklyn, New York
  • Fent-KW
  • Page-E
NIOSH2009 NIOSH 2009 May: 1-33  (NIOSHTIC-2 entry)Health hazard evaluation report: HETA-2008-0286-3084, evaluation of cancer and magnetic fields in an office, County of Guilford, Information Services Department, Greensboro, North Carolina
  • Gaughan-DM
  • Boylstein-R
  • Iossifova-YY
  • Piacitelli-C
  • Bailey-R
  • Day-G
NIOSH2009 NIOSH 2009; 1-82  (NIOSHTIC-2 entry)Health hazard evaluation report: HETA-2008-0125, 0126, 0127-3093, respiratory symptoms in workers at three commercial kitchens, Aramark, New York, New York
  • Martinez-K
  • Trout-D
  • Wallingford-K
  • Achutan-C
  • Singal-M
NIOSH2009 NIOSH 2009; 1-25  (NIOSHTIC-2 entry)Health hazard evaluation report: HETA-1999-0014-3094, evaluation of mold contamination in a hotel before and after remediation, Springdale Best Western Hotel, Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Page-E
  • Burr-G
  • Brueck-S
NIOSH2009 NIOSH 2009: 1-19  (NIOSHTIC-2 entry)Health hazard evaluation report: HETA-2008-0166-3079, evaluation of cancer among occupants of two office buildings, NASA Glenn Research Center, Cleveland, Ohio
  • Chen-L
  • Dang-B
  • Mueller-C
  • Dunn-KH
  • Almaguer-D
  • Ernst-JL
  • Otto III-CS
NIOSH2008 NIOSH 2008; :1-5  (NIOSHTIC-2 entry)Health hazard evaluation report: HETA-2007-0163-3062, investigation of employee symptoms at an indoor waterpark, Great Wolf Lodge, Mason, Ohio
  • Tapp-L
  • Sussell-A
NIOSH2008 NIOSH 2008: 1-15  (NIOSHTIC-2 entry)Health hazard evaluation report: HETA-2007-0055-3073, evaluation of employee exposures in a bus maintenance shop, Huntington Coach Corporation, Huntington Station, New York

Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation (FACE) Program Reports

AnonymousKY FACE Program2011 NIOSH FACE 10KY006, 2011; 1-9Municipal solid waste collector dies after falling from solid waste vehicle hopper area - Kentucky
  • Lutz-V
  • Yorgason-A
NIOSH2011 NIOSH FACE 2010-01, 2011; 1-12Solid waste compost facility worker dies, body is recovered in digester tube - Tennessee
AnonymousKY FACE Program2009 NIOSH FACE 08KY074, 2009; 1-6Solid waste driver dies after single vehicle rollover
AnonymousIA FACE Program2007 NIOSH 2007; 1-5Handyman Plumber Asphyxiated in Entry into Water Service Manhole Vault
AnonymousMI FACE Program2007 NIOSH 2007; 1-1029-Year Old Male Hispanic Landscape Laborer Dies When Nine Foot Deep Trench Collapses
AnonymousMI FACE Program2007 NIOSH FACE, Michigan Case Report: 05MI060Golf Course Worker Dies After Being Pinned Under an Overturned Tee Box Mower
Casini-VNIOSH2006 NIOSH 2006; 1-11Fifteen-Year-Old Hispanic Youth Dies After Entering the Hopper of a Bark Blower – Maryland
  • Chesky-JF
  • Higgins-DN
NIOSH2005 NIOSH 2005; 1-10Hispanic Youth Dies in Densifier at a Plastics Recycling Plant – Tennessee
Higgins-DNNIOSH2005 NIOSH 2005; 1-8Hispanic Worker Dies After Falling From a Pile of Construction Debris in the Bed of a Trash-Style Body Truck to a Paved Driveway Below - North Carolina
  • Struttmann-T
  • Koedam-RE
NIOSH2005 NIOSH 2005; 1-6Hispanic Laborer Electrocuted After Boom Truck Contacts Overhead Power Line - North Carolina
AnonymousNY FACE Program2003 NIOSH 2003; 1-7City Engineer Killed in Landfill Manhole When Retrieving Flow Meter
  • Werntz-C
  • Casini-V
  • Mardis-A
NIOSH2002 NIOSH 2002; 1-5Fourteen-Year-Old Rental Equipment Worker Dies from Asphyxiation After Becoming Entangled in an Electric Chain Hoist – Colorado
AnonymousWI FACE Program2001 NIOSH 2001; 1-4Youth Camp Counselor Dies of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
Higgins-DNNIOSH2001 NIOSH 2001; 1-12State Department of Transportation Highway Maintenance Worker Dies After Being Struck by a Car While Installing Reflectors on a Guardrail
Higgins-DNNIOSH2000 NIOSH 2000; 1-717-year-old Lifeguard Dies After Falling Into a Nearly Empty Swimming Pool
Higgins-DNNIOSH2000 NIOSH 2000; 1-7Sixteen-Year-Old Mechanic's Assistant Died After Being Run Over By the Rear Wheels of a Tub Grinder – Connecticut

Literature Citations for Services Sector Research

Automotive Repair and Maintenance

NIOSH and NORA Services Sector CouncilNIOSH2012 NIOSH Pub No 2012-114Automotive Repair and Maintenance Services - Advancing priorities through research and partnerships – a NORA Fact Sheet
  • Bejan-A
  • Brosseau-LM
  • Parker-DL
Park Nicollet Institute, Minneapolis, MN
School of Public Health, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN
2011 J Occup Environ Hyg 2011 Jul; 8(7):401-408  (NIOSHTIC-2 entry)Exposure assessment in auto collision repair shops
  • Ceballos-DM
  • Yost-MG
  • Whittaker-SG
  • Reeb-Whitaker-C
  • Camp-J
  • Russell Dills-R
University of Washington, Seattle, WA;
Washington State Department of Labor and Industries, Olympia, WA;
Public Health- Seattle & King County, Seattle, WA
2011 Ann Occup Hyg 2011 Mar; 55(2):214-227  (NIOSHTIC-2 entry)Development of a permeation panel to test dermal protective clothing against sprayed coatings
  • Whittaker-SG
  • Reeb-Whitaker-C
Public Health–Seattle & King County, Seattle, WA;
Washington State Department of Labor & Industries, Olympia, WA
2009 J Occup Environ Hyg 2009 May; 6(5):273-282  (NIOSHTIC-2 entry)Characterizing the health and safety needs of the collision repair industry
Finkelstein-MMMount Sinai Hospital, Toronto, Ontario, Canada2008 Ann Occup Hyg 2008;52:455-461Asbestos fibre concentrations in the lungs of brake workers: another look.
  • Enander-RT
  • Cohen-HJ
  • Cute-DM
  • Brown-LC
  • Anne Marie C. Desmaris-AMC
  • Missaghian-R
Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management, Providence, RI;
University of New Haven, West Haven, CT;
Tufts University, Medford, MA;
University of Rhode Island, Kingston, RI
2004 J Occup Environ Hyg 2004;1: 119-125 (PubMed abstract)Lead and methylene chloride exposures among automotive repair technicians
  • Nunez-CM
  • Klitzman-S
  • Goodman-A
New York City Department of Health, New York, NY1993 Am J Ind Med 1993;23: 763-777Lead exposure among automobile radiator repair workers and their children in New York City

Building Services

  • Pegula-S
  • Utterback-DF
Bureau of Labor Statistics, Department of Labor, Washington, DC;
2011 MMWR 2011 May; 60(17):542-546Fatal injuries among grounds maintenance workers - United States, 2003-2008
  • Charles-LE
  • Loomis-D
  • Demissie-Z
University of Nevada, Reno, NE
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, NC
2009 Work. 2009; 34(1):105-16  (NIOSHTIC entry)Occupational hazards experienced by cleaning workers and janitors: A review of the epidemiologic literature
AnonymousNIOSH2008 NIOSH 2008-144, 2008; 1-4Fatal injuries among landscape services workers
  • Arif-AA
  • Hughes-PC
  • Delclos-GL
University of North Carolina Charlotte, Charlotte, NC
Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX
The University of Texas School of Public Health at Houston, Houston, TX
2008 Occup med 2008; 58:458-463  (NIOSHTIC-2 entry)Occupational exposures among domestic and industrial professional cleaners
  • Buckley-JP
  • Sestito-JP
  • Hunting KL
The George Washington University, Washington, DC
2008 Am J Ind Med 2008; 51: 701-713  (NIOSHTIC-2 entry)Fatalities in the landscape and horticultural services industry, 1992-2001

Education and Schools

  • Sauni-R
  • Uitti-J
  • Jauhiainen-M
  • Kreiss-K
  • Sigsgaard-T
  • Verbeek-JH
Finnish Institute of Occupational Health
Aarhus University, Denmark
2011 Cochrane Database Syst Rev 2011; 9: CD007897  (NIOSHTIC-2 entry)Remediating buildings damaged by dampness and mould for preventing or reducing respiratory tract symptoms, infections and asthma
  • Tak-S
  • Groenewold-M
  • Alterman-T
  • Park-RM
  • Calvert-GM
NIOSH2011 J Sch Health 2011; 81(9): 560-565  (NIOSHTIC-2 entry)Excess risk of head and chest colds among teachers and other school workers
NIOSH and NORA Services Sector CouncilNIOSH2010 NIOSH Pub No 2010-120Safety and Health in Education and Schools - Advancing priorities through research and partnerships – a NORA Fact Sheet
  • Feda-DM
  • Gerberich-SG
  • Ryan-AD
  • Nachreiner-NM
  • McGovern-PM
University at Buffalo
University of Minnesota
2010 J Public Health Policy 2010; 31(4): 461-477  (NIOSHTIC-2 entry)Written violence policies and risk of physical assault against Minnesota educators.
  • Sage-SK
  • Gerberich-SG
  • Ryan-AD
  • Nachreiner-NM
  • Church-TR
  • Alexander-BH
  • Mongin-SJ
University of Minnesota2010 Accident Analy Prev 2010: 42: 1-9  (NIOSHTIC-2 entry)School resources, resource allocation, and risk of physical assault against Minnesota educators
  • Sahakian-NM
  • White-SK
  • Park-JH
  • Cox-Ganser-JM
  • Kreiss-K
NIOSH2008 J Sch Health 2008; 78: 32-37 (NIOSHTIC-2 entry)Identification of mold and dampness-associated respiratory morbidity in 2 schools: comparison of questionnaire survey responses to national data
  • Levin-PF
  • Martinez-MQ
  • Walcott-McQuigg-J
  • Chen-SP
  • Amman-M
  • Guenette-C
Rush University, Chicago
Marin General Hospital, Greenbrae, CA
Reconciliation, Inc., West Lafayette, IN
St. Xavier University, Chicago, IL
Occupational Health Systems, Winter Park, CO
University of Chicago Hospital and Clinics, Chicago, IL
2006 AAOHN J 2006; 54: 210-216 (PubMed abstract)Injuries associated with teacher assaults: magnitude, nature, cost, and outcome
Alexander-DLAmerican Federation of Teachers, Washington, DC2001 Occup Med (Phila., PA) 2001; 16: 65-78 (PubMed abstract)School employees: the forgotten municipal workers

Hotels and Motels

NIOSH and NORA Services Sector CouncilNIOSH2012 NIOSH Pub No 2012-151  ( Spanish )Safety and Health Among Hotel Cleaners – a NORA Fact Sheet
  • Buchanan-S
  • Vossenas-P
  • Krause-N
  • Moriarty-J
  • Frumin-E
  • Shimek-JA
  • Mirer-F
  • Orris-P
  • Punnett-L
University of Illinois at Chicago
University of California San Francisco
Workers United/SEIU
Hunter College of the City University of New York
University of Massachusetts Lowell
2010 Am J Ind Med 2010; 53:116-125Occupational injury disparities in the US hotel industry

Public Administration

  • Tice-CJ
  • Cummings-KR
  • Gelberg-KH
NY State Dept. Health2010 J Asthma 2010; 47(3):310-316  (NIOSHTIC-2 entry)Surveillance of work-related asthma in New York state
  • Dembe-A
  • Delbos-R
  • Erickson-JB
Ohio State University2008 J Occup Environ Med 2008; 50: 1185-1194 (PubMed abstract)The effect of occupation and industry on the injury risks from demanding work schedules

Recreation and Entertainment

  • Achutan-C
  • West-C
  • Mueller-C
  • Bernert-JT
  • Bernard-B
University of Nebraska Medical Center
2011 J Occup Environ Med 2011; 53(4):346-351  (NIOSHTIC-2 entry)Environmental tobacco smoke exposure among casino dealers
  • Mehler-L
  • Beckman-J
  • Badakhsh-R
  • Diebolt-Brown-B
  • Schwartz-A
  • Higgins-S
  • Gergely-R
  • Calvert-GM
  • Hudson-NL
California Dept. of Pesticide Regulation
California Dept. of Public Health
Louisiana Dept. of Health and Hospitals
Texas Dept. of State Health Services
Michigan Dept. of Community Health
North Carolina Dept. of Health and Human Services
Iowa Dept. of Public Health
2011 MMWR 2011; 60(39): 1343-1347  (NIOSHTIC-2 entry)Acute illness and injury from swimming pool disinfectants and other chemicals - United States, 2002-2008
  • Kardous-CA
  • Morata TC
NIOSH2010 Noise Control Eng J. 2010; 58(1): 54-61  (NIOSHTIC-2 entry)Occupational and recreational noise exposures at stock car racing circuits: An exploratory survey of three professional race tracks
  • Hendricks-KJ
  • Downes-A
  • Gibbins-J
  • Casini-V
  • Page-E
 2009 NIOSH 2009-128; 1-20An overview of safety and health for workers in the horse-racing industry

Restaurants and Food Services

NIOSH and NORA Services Sector CouncilNIOSH2012 NIOSH Pub No 2012-105  ( Spanish )Restaurant and Food Services: Advancing priorities through research and partnerships – a NORA Fact Sheet
  • Gaydos-M
  • Bhatia-R
  • Morales-A
  • Lee-PT
  • Liu-SS
  • Chang-C
  • Salvatore-AL
  • Krause-N
  • Minkler-M
San Francisco Department of Public Healt
University of California, Berkeley
Chinese Progressive Association
University of California, San Francisco
2011 Public Health Rep 2011 126(Suppl 3): 62-69Promoting health and safety in San Francisco's Chinatown restaurants: Findings and lessons learned from a pilot observational checklist
Tsai-JHUniversity of Washington2009 Arch Environ Occup Health 2009; 64(2): 107-114  (NIOSHTIC-2 entry)Chinese immigrant restaurant workers' injury and illness experiences
Papadopoulos-KUniversity of California, San Francisco2009AAOHN J 2009; 57: 263-266Preventing burns in restaurants
  • Stanbury-M
  • Chester-D
  • Hanna-EA
  • Rosenman-KD
Michigan Department of Community Health
Michigan State University
2008 Am J Ind Med 2008; 51(2): 111-116  (NIOSHTIC-2 entry)How many deaths will it take? A death from asthma associated with work-related environmental tobacco smoke
  • Tsai-JH
  • Salazar-MK
University of Washington2007 Fam Community Health 2007; 30: S71-S79  (NIOSHTIC-2 entry)Occupational hazards and risks faced by Chinese immigrant restaurant workers

Temporary Labor Industry

  • Baron-S
  • Cone-J
  • Markowitz-SB
  • Souza-K
New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
Queens College, Queens, NY
2010 Am J Ind Med 2010; 53(2): 81-215  (NIOSHTIC-2 entry)Special issue: occupational health disparities
  • Smith-CK
  • Silverstein-BA
  • Bonauto-DK
  • Adams-D
  • Fan-ZJ
Washington State Dept of Labor and Industries2010 Am J Ind Med. 2010; 53(2): 135-45Temporary workers in Washington state

Waste Collection and Disposal

NIOSHNIOSH2012 NIOSH Pub No 2012-140NIOSH Fact Sheet: Solid Waste Industry
Utterback-DFNIOSH2011 Waste Advant Mag 2011; 2(9): 26,28  (NIOSHTIC-2 entry)Solid waste industry reduces fatalities and injuries

Recent Scientific Publications by NIOSH and Other Organizations by Priority Topic

Musculoskeletal Disorders

  • Bonauto-DK
  • Smith-CK
  • Adams-DA
  • Fan-ZJ
  • Silverstein-BA
  • Foley MP
Washington State Dept of Labor and Industries2010 Am J Ind Med. 2010; 53(2): 204-15Language preference and non-traumatic low back disorders in Washington State workers' compensation
  • Morse-TF
  • Warren-N
  • Dillon-C
  • Diva U
University of Connecticut Health Center2007 Conn Med 2007; 71: 261-268 (PubMed abstract)A population based survey of ergonomic risk factors in Connecticut: distribution by industry, occupation, and demographics


  • Utterback-DF
  • Charles-LE
  • Schnorr-TM
  • Tiesman-HM
  • Storey-E
  • Vossenas-P
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2012 J Occup Environ Med 2012 54[1]: 31-41  (NIOSHTIC-2 entry)Occupational Injuries, Illnesses, and Fatalities among Workers in the Services Sector Industries: 2003-2007
Division of Respiratory Disease StudiesNIOSH2008 NIOSH 2008-143; 2:1-189Work-related lung disease surveillance report 2007. Volume 2. Respiratory conditions by NORA industrial sector
  • Anderson-NJ
  • Bonauto-DK
  • Adams-D
Washington State Dept of Labor and Industries2010 Am J Ind Med 2010; 53(7): 693-705Work-related amputations in Washington State, 1997-2005
  • Wolfe-D
  • Fairchild-AL
Open Society Institute, New York2010 JAMA 2010; 303: 981-982The need for improved surveillance of occupational disease and injury
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