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— National Contest for Occupational Injury Intervention Reports—
Finding Out What Works (or Doesn't)!

The NOIRS 2003 Intervention Evaluation Contest sponsored by the National Occupational Research Agenda’s Intervention Evaluation Team was a tremendous success. All of the papers submitted were of excellent quality and made significant contributions to the field of intervention evaluation research and occupational safety and health. One winning paper and two honorable mention papers were selected for presentation at the NOIRS 2003 Conference. The winners were from three countries with the winning paper from Israel and the honorable mention papers from the United States and Australia.

The winning paper was “The use of supervisory practices as leverage to improve safety behavior: a cross-level intervention model”, by Dov Zohar and Gil Luria. this document in PDFPDF Only   195 KB (31 pages)

The honorable mention papers were, “this document in PDFPDF Only   334 KB (30 pages)

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