National Occupational Injury Research Symposium 2000

NOIRS 2000 Joint-Sponsors Information

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The following organizations were joint-sponsors of the NOIRS Symposium with NIOSH. Please feel free to check out their web sites from the list below.


"Since 1911 the American Society of Safety Engineers has been the premier safety organization for those engaged in the practice of safety, health and the environment as well as serving the private and public sectors to protect people, property and the environment. We commend those participating in this year's agenda-setting National Occupational Injury Research Symposium for their continued dedication to identifying workplace safety issues and developing and presenting possible remedies in an effort to reduce death and injury in the workplace, the home, on the roads and in the air." -- Samuel J. Gualardo, President, American Society of Safety Engineers Des Plaines, IL

 American Society of Safety Engineers


"For years the Liberty Mutual Research Center has been concerned about  the seriousness of occupational injury. We are pleased to support this poster session and to help advance the NOIRS mission to advance research in this area." -- Tom Leamon, PhD, Vice President and Director, Liberty Mutual Research Center

Liberty Mutual Research Center for Safety and Health Logo

Liberty Mutual Research Center for Safety and Health


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