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Degradation and Decontamination Efficacy of Chemical Protective Clothing (CPC)-FY10

NOTE: This page is archived for historical purposes and is no longer being maintained or updated.

Current Information can be found at: Degradation and Decontamination Efficacy of Chemical Protective Clothing (CPC) - FY11


  • To develop suitable methods and procedures for decontaminating and extending the useful life of CPC;
  • To develop test criteria for evaluating decontamination efficacy of CPC; and
  • To provide users with guidelines for reuse, retirement, and disposal of protective clothing.
  • Permeation Calculator Website
Permeation Calculator Compact Disk

Applicable Standards

  • ASTM F23.30
  • ANSI/ISEA 105-2000

Key Partners

  • ASTM F23 Committee: develop the standard practice using the "Permeation Calculator"
  • ISEA Hand Protection Group: update project progress


  • ASTM
  • ISEA and manufacturers
  • Protective clothing users

Project Scope

  • Studies on decontamination efficacy of heat extraction (thermal decontamination), water/detergent, and self-decontamination
  • Studies on CPC reusability following thermal decontamination
  • Develop software to automate permeation data analysis


  • Q1 Submit revised ASTM standard practice on the use of the Permeation Calculator (ASTM WK9186) for F23 Main Committee ballot after successful ballot by the F23.30 Subcommittee on Chemical Hazards in April 2009.
  • Q2 Attend ASTM F23 meeting with revised version.
  • Q3 Submit a manuscript on data collection by ICS for peer-reviewed publication.
  • Q4 Attend ASTM F23 meeting with revised version if not previously approved during Q2 meeting.


  • Manuscripts published or submitted to peer review journals (4)
  • Presentations at conferences (12)
  • Developed "Permeation Calculator" to provide faster and more consistent results for permeation testing data analysis. The software received NIOSH r2p award and CDC Director's Innovation award.
  • Employee invention report, a U.S. provisional patent, and a Canadian copyright.


  • Research findings were incorporated into a guideline written by the AIHA Protective Clothing & Equipment Committee for decontamination of CPC and equipment. The project officer was the lead author. Nov. 2005.
  • Research findings resulted in a new ASTM work item titled "Standard practice for permeation testing data analysis by use of a computer program", which is being developed by the ASTM F23 committee.
  • Permeation Calculator used by CPC manufacturers and test laboratories.
American Industrial Hygiene Association A.I.H.A. document cover page showing decontamination of Chemical Protective Clothing CPC
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Page last reviewed: April 5, 2010
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