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SCSR Training Modules - FY10

NOTE: This page is archived for historical purposes and is no longer being maintained or updated.


  • Develop, distribute, and evaluate unit specific SCSR care, maintenance, and inspection training modules to ensure that SCSRs are kept in good condition and all units that fail inspection are removed from service. Insure miners know how SCSRs work.
Miner donning Self Contained Self Rescuers S C S R

Applicable Standards

  • 30 CFR 75.1714

Key Partners

  • BCOA
  • NMA
  • UMWA
  • USWA
  • SCSR Manufacturers (CSE, Draeger, MSA, Ocenco)
  • MSHA


  • None
Photo of miners in classroom

Project Scope

  • Interagency Agreement with MSHA to develop and evaluate unit specific training for each NIOSH/MSHA certified SCSR
  • Training module consists of:

    • Video
    • Computer Based Training
    • Instructor's Guide
    • Screen Saver/Sticker


  • None


  • Conduct pre and post testing with follow-up retention tests
  • 11 Mines
  • 450+ Miners
  • Final evaluation of training modules


  • Training modules will help miners inspect and maintain their SCSRs in a ready condition and what to expect from their respirators once donned. In addition, miners will know how to perform multiple donnings and what to expect when wearing a SCSR.
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