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Degradation and Decontamination Efficacy of Chemical Protective Clothing (CPC)-FY09

NOTE: This page is archived for historical purposes and is no longer being maintained or updated.

Current Information can be found at: Degradation and Decontamination Efficacy of Chemical Protective Clothing (CPC) – FY10


  • To develop suitable methods and procedures for decontaminating and extending the useful life of CPC
  • To develop test criteria for evaluating decontamination efficacy of CPC; and
  • To provide users with guidelines for reuse, retirement, and disposal of protective clothing.
  • Permeation Calculator Website
Permeation Calculator Compact Disk

Applicable Standards

  • ASTM F23.30
  • ANSI/ISEA 105-2000

Key Partners

  • ASTM: develop the standard practice using the “Permeation Calculator”
  • ISEA Hand Protection Group: update project progress
  • IPP Inc.: reviewed the proposal for the tensile property testing


  • ASTM
  • ISEA and manufacturers
  • Protective clothing users

Project Scope

  • Studies on decontamination efficacy of heat extraction (thermal decontamination), water/detergent, and self-decontamination
  • Studies on CPC reusability following thermal decontamination
  • Develop software to automate permeation data analysis


  • Q1 Submit revised ASTM standard practice on the use of the Permeation Calculator (ASTM WK9186) for F23 main committee ballot
  • Q2 Attend ASTM F23 meeting with revised standard practice
  • Q3 Attend ASTM F23 meeting with revised standard practice
  • Q4 Submit a manuscript on data collection by ICS for internal peer-review


  • Manuscripts published or submitted to peer review journals (approx. 4)
  • Presentations at conferences (approx. 12)
  • Developed “Permeation Calculator” to provide faster and more consistent results for permeation testing data analysis. The software (DHHS NIOSH) publication # 2007-143C is available either on the NIOSH website or on CD by request.
  • Employee invention report and a U.S. provisional patent.


  • Research findings were incorporated into a guideline written by the AIHA Protective Clothing & Equipment Committee for decontamination of CPC and equipment. The project officer was the lead author. Nov. 2005.
  • Research findings resulted in a new ASTM work item titled “Standard practice for permeation testing data analysis by use of a computer program”, which is being developed by the ASTM F23 committee.
  • Permeation Calculator used by CPC manufacturers and test laboratories.
American Industrial Hygiene Association A.I.H.A. document cover page showing decontamination of Chemical Protective Clothing CPC
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Page last reviewed: April 14, 2009
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