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Hybrid and Dockable SCSR Development - FY07

NOTE: This page is archived for historical purposes and is no longer being maintained or updated.


  • Develop and Evaluate a Person Wearable Dockable and Hybrid SCSR
Hybrid & Dockable Self Contained Self Rescuer (S C S R) diagram

Applicable Standards

  • 42 CFR Part 84 (Subpart H, Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus)
  • 42 CFR Part 84 (Subpart I, Gas Masks)

Key Partners

  • Technical Products Inc (TPI) (Contractor)
  • MSHA


  • NMA
  • UMWA
  • BCOA

Project Scope

  • Development of both a Dockable and Hybrid Person-Wearable Self-Contained Self-Rescuer
  • Project development conducted in two phases:
    • Phase 1: Research and Development - 6 months
    • Phase 2: Prototype Construction and Validation Testing - 12 Months
  • Field testing 200 units in option exercised


  • Contract Award: 7 Feb 07
  • Delivery of 10 Prototype units: 7 May 07
  • Prototype Testing: May 07 - Jun 07
  • Delivery of 52 Prototype units: Jun 07
  • Prototype Testing: Jun 07 - Feb 08
  • Option for additional (200) units: Feb 08 ($654, 601.00)


  • A dockable, hybrid SCSR that will enable additional sources of breathable air to be added to a worn device without exposing the wearer to contaminated ambient atmosphere.


  • The new SCSR will significantly improve the ability for miners to survive an underground mine fire or explosion. Today's SCSR's will only provide about I hour of breathing air. New devices can provide a much longer supply limited only by the number of additional "add-on" air supplies available.
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