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CBRN Closed Circuit Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus

NOTE: This page is archived for historical purposes and is no longer being maintained or updated.
Current Information can be found at: CBRN Closed Circuit Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus - FY08


  • Develop revised 42 CFR 84 SCBA Subpart H standard
2 views of CBRN Closed Circuit (CC) SCBA

Applicable Standards

  • 42 CFR 84 Subpart H
  • Polices and procedures

Key Partners

  • Respirator manufacturers
  • Regulatory agencies
  • DHS
  • NIST
  • OSHA
  • U.S. Army Research, Development and Engineering Command


  • Respirator users
  • Respirator manufacturers
  • OSHA

Project Scope

  • Update 42 CFR 84 Regulations with additional CBRN Protection Standards
  • Develop new Test Methods to test desired new features such as durability, operational temperature limits and CBRN protection
  • Modern performance standards to ensure the reliability and safety for this type of apparatus
  • Allow for the certification of CC SCBA with new CBRN Protection


  • Evaluate present technology
  • Propose standards into proposed rule
  • New Standard Test Procedures and Standard Operating Procedures


  • New standard test procedures
  • New standard operating procedures
  • Final rule


  • Improved CC-SCBA performance
  • Provides an additional alternative for the First Receiver Community
  • Availability of SAR for use in CBRN IDLH and other IDLH conditions
  • Benefits the current users, mainly in Mine Rescue operations
Page last modified: July 23, 2007
Page last reviewed: July 23, 2007 (archived document)
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