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System Safety Concepts Applied to Personal Protective Equipment - FY06

NOTE: This page is archived for historical purposes and is no longer being maintained or updated.
Current Information can be found at: System Safety Concepts Applied to Personal Protective Equipment - FY07


  • Establish and document recommendations for using a System Safety Approach to ensure the safe design and use of high-tech personal protective equipment throughout its complete life cycle.
Electronic Temperature Guage

Applicable Standards

  • NFPA ESE Standards

Key Partners

  • NFPA Technical Committee for Electronic Safety Equipment
  • Fire-Eye
  • MSA
  • Scott Health and Safety
  • UL
  • Virginia Tech


  • First Responders who use PPE that contain embedded electronics.
  • All Manufacturers of PPE that contain embedded electronics.
  • NFPA

Project Scope

  • Communicate failure modes and risks associated with the use of programmable electronics and software to provide equipment safety functions.
  • Assimilate best practices recommendations in a 9-part series of NIOSH/NPPTL guidance documents.
  • Provide support to the NFPA ESESE committee in developing safety standards for Electronic design, manufacturing, and performance


  • Analysis of Pass Operations illustrating need for clarifying performance requirements in NFPA 1982.
  • Example procedure integrating hazard analysis with failure modes and effects analysis for consideration by NFPA ESESE Section 6 Design Task Group.
  • Part 6 Functional safety Life Cycle -circulated and modified based on industry comments
  • Complete draft of Part 8 Functional Safety File Document


  • A set of NIOSH documents that define a System Safety Approach for the safe design, manufacture, and use of PPE that contains embedded electronic hardware and software.


  • The safety of first responders will be improved by having a means to assess and ensure the functional safety performance of PPE. This outcome will be enabled through the incorporation of the principles embodied in the NIOSH documents "Guidelines for Advanced Personal Protective Systems for First Responders" into NFPA standards.
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