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What will the program achieve?

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What will the program achieve?
Research Goal 2.3 - Evaluate the effectiveness of hearing protection devices against impulsive noise

The HLR program is involved in three dissemination activities resulting from its impulsive noise research. A NIOSH ALERT on hazardous noise at indoor firing ranges has been developed and should be ready for dissemination in late 2005. A NIOSH Workplace Solutions document will follow the ALERT with simple and specific recommendations for preventing and reducing noise related hazards in the workplace. In November 2005, the program published a NIOSH Health and Safety Web site for Indoor Firing Ranges that includes information on NIOSH HHEs, technical documents, publications, and recommendations on reducing exposure to impulsive noise at indoor and outdoor firing ranges.[54] 

The HLR program is leading efforts to establish national and international standards on characterizing the effectiveness of hearing protection devices against impulsive noise. Collaboration with University of Cincinnati has applied new analytic metrics to the evaluation of impulse responses for hearing protection devices. The HLR program is also involved with ANSI and ISO development of testing standards for measuring the performance of HPDs in impulsive environments.


[54] Kardous CA, Chrislip D [2005]. NIOSH Safety and Health Topic: Indoor Firing Ranges. Accessed December 1, 2005.











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