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What will the program achieve?

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Emerging Issues - Conclusion

We recognize that the HLR program cannot address all of these potential research areas in isolation.  As the principles that guide the NORA program into its second decade state, occupational safety and health progress depends on a collective effort of all parties involved. NIOSH has a leadership role as well as a research role to leverage resources and utilize the work of other researchers in an effort to transfer the collective research findings into the workplace for more effective prevention of occupational hearing loss. The HLR program researchers will continue to create and advance partnerships which will provide that leverage to arrive at solutions that have ownership with both labor and management.  Some of the potential research efforts proposed above are relatively short-term while others are expected to require many years to accomplish.  We will continue to develop the HLR program with decisions based on research priorities established in partnership with the many stakeholders who share our commitment to reducing the prevalence of occupational hearing loss through a focused program of research and prevention.

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