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What has the program achieved?

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Outputs and Transfer - Research Goal 2.3:
Evaluate the effectiveness of hearing protection devices against impulsive noise

Research efforts on hearing protection devices and its effectiveness against impulsive noise have been presented at national and international professional conferences and published in a variety of peer-review journals.

The HLR program and the NHCA co-sponsored a “Best Practices Workshop on Impulsive Noise and Its Effects on Hearing” in 2003. A peer-reviewed publication on the summary and findings was published in the Noise Control Engineering Journal.[51]

NIOSH published two HHE reports for the Fort Collins Police Services49  and for the Immigration and Naturalization Service, National Firearms Unit. The reports provided recommendations on the selection and use of appropriate hearing protection devices to limit exposure of law enforcement officers to harmful impulsive sound levels.

NIOSH updated its Electronic HPD Compendium to include information about attenuation of hearing protection devices against impulsive noise.

Scientists in the HLR program published two peer-reviewed papers in occupational and engineering journals.[52], [53]

Intermediate Outcomes

The Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service has  disseminated NIOSH recommendations on appropriate use and selection of hearing protection devices among all National Firearms Units that are responsible for training more than 19,000 officers, the largest nonmilitary armed force in the Federal government. Additionally, the Department of Energy (DOE), Oak Ridge National Laboratory is implementing NIOSH HPD recommendations for DOE law enforcement personnel.

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NIOSH Publications

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