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What has the program achieved?

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What has the HLR Program achieved?

Program outputs take many forms. They include scientific reports such as peer-reviewed journal articles, NIOSH technical reports, meeting presentations, book chapters, and review articles. Scientific publications are essential to advancement of the body of knowledge on occupational hearing loss, maintenance of the NIOSH research program's credibility, and provision of bases of support for NIOSH recommendations on hearing loss. Another type of output is recommendations of many types, from the more general and extensive criteria documents, to less extensive NIOSH Alerts, to the case study format of HHE reports, and support of conferences and best-practice workshops. Among the most successful of these outputs are "Preventing Occupational Hearing Loss-A Practical Guide,"3 "Criteria for a Recommended Standard: Occupational Noise Exposure Revised Criteria 1998,"2 and "The NIOSH Compendium of Hearing Protection Devices."[16],[17] Since the program develops and evaluates tools, methods and technologies, another class of outputs is documentation of inventions, patents, and new methods. Examples include task-based exposure assessment methods, new worker training techniques, and plastic-coated flight bars on continuous mining machines.

In the last ten years, the HLR program has supported research that has led to more than 100 scientific publications, which are listed at the end of the section on each major research goal. Among the most influential we count:

Our information products include web pages, pamphlets, videos and external partner briefings and workshops. Most of these materials intended for non-scientists have been developed in recent years and mounted on the NIOSH HLR web site topic pages at and at



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