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R&D Portfolio - Research Goal 1.7 : Develop an evaluation checklist for HLPPs

Standardized methods are needed to systematically assess all seven recommended elements of HLPPs. These methods need to be comprehensive, logical, and efficient as well as easily reproduced and disseminated to encourage standardization and wide use. Standardization of assessment methods will improve evaluations of HLPPs, which will result in better hearing conservation.

The HLR program developed an initial checklist assessment tool with input from research partners and industry stakeholders during the drafting process of the 1990 “Practical Guide.” The checklist includes both quantitative and qualitative data fields covering all seven recommended HLPP areas. The checklist was revised along with the “Practical Guide” in collaboration with NORA partners in 1996. The revised checklist was tested with three raters in a manufacturing environment (over 2000 employees per site, multiple sites), with two raters in a very small manufacturing business (total 15 employees and one site), with two raters within a large commercial construction company, and with a sample of 10 hearing conservation service providers. In each instance, the raters were able to use the checklist to collect valid and reliable data. HLR program staff used the checklist successfully in a number of field studies. It is now a standard tool within the HLR program.

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