Figure 2-2. HHE Program Organization by Division and Branch


Division of Surveillance, Hazard Evaluations and Field Studies

Terri Schnorr, Director

Larry Reed, Deputy Director

Doug Trout, Associate Director for Science


Industrywide Studies Branch, Beth Whelan, Chief



Surveillance Branch, Marie Sweeney, Chief



Hazard Evaluations and Technical Assistance Branch

Allison Tepper, Chief

Ken Wallingford, Deputy Chief




Fire Fighter Fatality Investigation Team

Tom Hales, Supervisory Team Lead


Medical Team

Bruce Bernard, Supervisory Team Lead


     Team 1: Elena Page, Lead

     Team 2: Rick Driscoll, Lead


Industrial Hygiene Team

Teresa Seitz, Supervisory Team Lead

     Team 1: Greg Burr, Lead

     Team 2: Nancy Burton, Lead

     Team 3: Rob McCleery, Lead





Division of Respiratory Disease Studies

David Weissman, Director

Joe Burkhart, Deputy Director

Ainsley Weston, Associate Director for Science



Laboratory Research Branch, Chris Coffey, Chief





Surveillance Branch, Mike Attfield, Chief





Field Studies Branch

Kay Kreiss, Chief






Research Team

Jean Cox-Ganser, Supervisory Team Lead



Technical Team

Steve Game, Supervisory Team Lead


Note: Units in bold and highlighted in blue are responsible for the HHE Program