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National Acadamies NIOSH Program Review : Agriculture, Forestry, and Fishing


NIOSH Project Reports - Chapter 4

A4.1-01 DSR-9278953-Childhood Agricultural Injury Surveillance

A4.1-02 DSR-VLE8866-Emerging Problems in Occupational Injury Epidemiology

A4.1-03 DSR-VLE8941-Injury Risk Factors in Migrant and Seasonal Workers

A4.1-04 DART-9277047-Workplace Hazards to Children and Adolescents in Agricultural Work Settings

A4.1-05 DART-927006E-Ergonomic Interventions for Youth Working in Agriculture

A4.1-06 DSR-9277187-Young Worker Health and Safety

A4.1-07 DSR-VLB8806-Surveillance of Occupational Injuries Among Children and Adolescents

A4.1-08 DSR-9278847-Emerging Issues in Injury Surveillance

A4.1-09 DSR-9278954-Childhood Agricultural Injury Prevention

A4.2-01 DSHEFS-9277323-Minority Farm Operators

A4.2-02 EID-9278040- National Agriculture Safety Database

A4.3-01 AFS-9278893-Occupational Injury Prevention in Alaska

A4.3-02 DSR-9277123-Evaluating the Effectiveness of a Logger Safety Training Program

A4.4-01 AFS-9277394-Injury Prevention in the Commercial Fishing Industry

A4.4-02 AFS-92700BL-Deck Safety for Commercial Fishing Vessels

A4.4-03 AFS-92700BL-Deck Safety for Commercial Fishing Vessels


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Agriculture, Forestry, and Fishing

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