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National Acadamies NIOSH Program Review : Agriculture, Forestry, and Fishing


Appendices A3.1-01 - A3.3-04
NIOSH Project Reports - Chapter 3

A3.1-01 DSHEFS-VMO8549-Farm Family Health and Hazard Survey

A3.1-02 DSHEFS-9278549-Agriculture Research, Development and Planning Using State Farm family Health and Hazard Surveys

A3.1-03 DSHEFS-9278585-Occupational Health Nurses in Agricultural Communities

A3.1-04 DSHEFS-9278501-Community Partners for Healthy Farming

A3.1-05 DSHEFS-9278645-SENSOR Pesticides

A3.1-06 DRDS-927Z1NK-WoRLD Surveillance Report and System

A3. 1-07 DRDS-9277416- Respiratory Health and Hazards in Agriculture Report

A3.2-01 DSR-VLB827-Occupational Traumatic Injury Surveillance of Farmers

A3.2-02 DSR-9277135-Occupational Injury Surveillance of Production Agriculture

A3.2-03 DSHEFS-9278639-National Agricultural Workers Survey

A3.2-04 DSR-9278875-National Surveillance of Nonfatal Occupational Injury Using the NEISS

A3.3-01 DSR-9278807-Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation (FACE) Project

A3.3-02 DSR-9278870-State-Based Fatality Surveillance Using Face Model

A3.3-03 DSR-9278805-National Traumatic Occupational Fatality (NTOF) Surveillance System

A3.3-04 DSR-9278951-Analysis of Surveillance Data for Agricultural Injuries


NIOSH Program:

Agriculture, Forestry, and Fishing

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