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NIOSH Respiratory Diseases Research Program

Evidence Package for the National Academies' Review 2006-2007

NIOSH Programs > Respiratory Diseases > Evidence Package > 3. Interstitial Lung Diseases > 3.4 Chronic Beryllium Disease

3.4a) RDRP Publications of Special Note Relating to Chronic Beryllium Disease

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  1. Schuler CR, Kent MS, Deubner DC, Berakis MT, McCawley, Henneberger PK, Kreiss K [2005]. Process-related risk of beryllium sensitization and disease in a copper-beryllium facility. Am J IndMed 47:195-205 (A3-117). (ISI Web of Science: cited 9 times as of 7/20/06)
  2. Cummings KJ, Deubner DC, Day GA, Henneberger PK, Kitt MM, Kent M, Kreiss K, Schuler CR [2006]. Enhanced preventive program at a beryllium oxide ceramics facility reduces beryllium sensitization among new workers. Occup Env Med submitted (A3-118).
  3. Stefaniak AB, Hoover MD, Dickerson RM, Peterson EJ, Day GA, Breysse PN, Kent MS, Scripsick RC [2003]. Surface area of respirable beryllium metal, oxide, and copper alloy aerosols and implications for assessment of exposure risk of chronic beryllium disease. Am Ind Hyg Assoc J 64:297-305 (A3-119). (ISI Web of Science: cited 10 times as of 7/20/06)
  4. Stefaniak AB, Hoover MD, Day GA, Dickerson RM, Peterson EJ, Kent MS, Schuler CR, Breysse PN, Scripsick RC [2004]. Characterization of physicochemical properties of beryllium aerosols associated with chronic beryllium disease. J Env Monit 6:523-532 (A3-120). (ISI Web of Science: cited 5 times as of 7/20/06)
  5. McCawley M, Kent M, Berakis M [2001]. Ultrafine beryllium number concentration as a possible metric for chronic beryllium disease risk. Applied Occup Env Hyg 16:631-638 (A3-121).
  6. Agrawal A, Cronin J, Tonazzi J, McCleskey TM, Ehler DS, Minogue EM, Whitney G, Brink C, Burrell AK, Warner B, Goldcamp MJ, Schlecht PC, Sonthalia P, Ashley K [2006]. Validation of a standardized portable fluorescence method for determining trace beryllium in workplace air and wipe samples. J Env Mon. 8: 6 pp (A3-122).
  7. Snyder JA, Weston A, Tinkle SS, Demchuk E [2003]. Electrostatic potential on human leukocyte antigen: implications for putative mechanism of chronic beryllium disease. Environ Hlth Persp 111:1827-1834 (A3-123). (ISI Web of Science: cited 6 times as of 7/20/06)


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