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NIOSH Respiratory Diseases Research Program

Evidence Package for the National Academies' Review 2006-2007

NIOSH Programs > Respiratory Diseases > Evidence Package > 3. Interstitial Lung Diseases > 3.3 Fiber-Induced Diseases

3.3e) RDRP Publications of Special Note Relating to Fiber-Induced Diseases

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NOTE: This listing is not comprehensive. It excludes NIOSH-numbered documents (criteria documents, etc.) and, from among dozens of other RDRP publications of special note relating to fiber-induced diseases, includes only those cited in Sub-chapter 3.3.  

  1. Amandus HE, Wheeler R, Jankovic J, Tucker J [1987]. The morbidity and mortality of vermiculite miners and millers exposed to tremolite-actinolite: Part I. Exposure estimates. Am J Ind Med 11:1-14 (A3-87). (ISI Web of Science: cited 29 times as of 7/18/06)
  2. Amandus HE, Wheeler R [1987]. The morbidity and mortality of vermiculite miners and millers exposed to tremolite-actinolite: Part II. Mortality. Am J Ind Med 11(1):15-26 (A3-88). (ISI Web of Science: cited 44 times as of 7/18/06)
  3. Amandus HE, Althouse R, Morgan WK, Sargent EN, Jones R [1987]. The morbidity and mortality of vermiculite miners and millers exposed to tremolite-actinolite: Part III. Radiographic findings. Am J Ind Med 11:27-37 (A3-89). (ISI Web of Science: cited 18 times as of 7/18/06)
  4. Castellan RM, Sanderson WT, Petersen MR. Prevalence of radiographic appearance of pneumoconiosis in an unexposed blue collar population. Am Rev Respir Dis 131:684-686 (A3-96). (ISI Web of Science:  cited 45 times as of 7/18/06)
  5. Centers for Disease Control [1997]. Chronic interstitial lung disease in nylon flocking industry workers--Rhode Island, 1992-1996. MMWR 46:897-901 (A3-101).
  6. Burkhart J, Piacitelli C, Schwegler-Berry D, Jones W [1999]. Environmental study of nylon flocking process. J Toxicol Environ Health.1999: 57(Part A): 1-23 (A3-102). (ISI Web of Science: cited 13 times as of 7/18/06)
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  17. Ye JP, Zeidler P, Young S-H, Martinez T, Robinson VA, Jones W, Baron P, Shi X, Castranova V [2001]. Activation of mitogen-activated protein kinase p38 and extracellular signal-related kinase is involved in glass fiber-induced TNF-alpha production in macrophages. J Biol Chem 276:5360-5367 (A3-113). (ISI Web of Science: cited 12 times as of 7/18/06)
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