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Life Table Analysis System


Major Changes in LTAS.NET version 3.0

  • Support for Windows Vista and Windows 7
    • LTAS.NET 3.0 may be installed on Windows 7, Vista, or XP (note that if your operating system is Windows 98, NT, 2000, or earlier versions of Windows, LTAS. NET 3.0 will not work).
    • Changed extension of project files from .ltas to .ltas3 to better facilitate upgrading from LTAS 2.0.
    • When opening a project in LTAS.NET 3.0, user is prompted to open and convert projects created in the previous version of LTAS.NET.
    • LTAS.NET 3.0 will also work on Windows XP side-by-side with LTAS.NET 2.0.
  • New rate file structure
    • The cause map and the rate file have been merged into a single file, which simplifies the importing of rates.
    • Rate files are easier to manage: they can be deleted from the default folder if no longer needed (this reduces the "clutter" in the rate pull-down box).
    • Updated US underlying and multiple-cause rates and proportions (for both 92- and 119-cause files) through 2007.
  • Changes affecting software functionality
    • Support for reporting p-values in SRR and SMR reports.
    • Changed the ordering of fields in the Import Wizard drop-down menu used to map fields so that they are ordered more logically (e.g., ID, sex, race, vital status, DOB, person-year begin date, date last observed, and any user-specified variables in the order entered), instead of alphabetically.
    • Changed the ordering of fields in the Import Options report so that they are ordered by column position (instead of alphabetically).
  • Changes affecting software usability
    • Updated Report Viewer to use SQL Server Reports, resulting in better export capabilities.
    • Updated Database Engine to use SQL Server 2005, doubling the storage capacity from 2GB to 4GB.
    • User documentation is now section 508 compliant.
  • Changes to improve reports and data export capabilities
    • Inclusion of Supermajor ("All Causes" and "All Cancers") and Major cause-of-death categories in cohort export file.
    • Added a new capability in Stratify, allowing user to report or export the Post-Stratify Personal Cumulative Dose for each subject, which will give lagged cumulative exposures.
    • Changed analysis reports so that exposure lag information is included with the page variables.