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NIOSH eNews - July 2009

Morbidity and Mortality @Work

Like all other workers, workers with disabilities are at risk of experiencing a work-related injury or illness. Workers with disabilities, however, may be at increased risk on the job due to characteristics of their disabilities such as limited mobility, limited awareness of their surroundings due to sensory deficits, or, in the case of individuals with developmental or other cognitive disabilities, lack of awareness of danger, difficulties communicating, and other factors. See the NIOSH workers with developmental disabilities web page for more information

An estimated 5.3 million persons with disabilities were employed in May, representing about 4% of total employment. Workers with disabilities were distributed among National Occupational Research Agenda (NORA) industry sectors in percentages similar to those workers without disabilities. (Source: Current population Survey).

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Employment distribition of workers without disabilities and with disabilities by NORA sector, May 2009