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CDC Releases State of CDC Report Online

Published: April 23, 2008

Cover: The State of CDC: 2007

The CDC recently launched its 2007 annual State of CDC Report – online and interactive! The electronic report allows readers to explore stories of health protection, cutting-edge research, and real-world disease investigation.

Highlighted in the report are stories which draw attention to the urgent realities of chronic disease and health disparities, and to emerging infectious diseases and the pursuit of new research to support healthy people in the United States and throughout the world.

This year's online report is divided into four sections:

Inside CDC—the State of CDC's main report;

Community—CDC's work in virtual communities and other interactive media;

News Room—the latest CDC news containing current articles, press releases, and podcasts; and

Video Room—videos about CDC's health protection and community outreach programs.

Go Inside CDC

Inside CDC takes readers and visitors on a journey through current public health protection and promotion. Featured sections include

Health Protection

CDC is committed to improving the lives of the people it serves and is focused on priority areas where CDC can ensure the greatest health impact. CDC's four overarching Health Protection Goals—Healthy People in Every Stage of Life; Healthy People in Healthy Places; People Prepared for Emerging Health Threats; and Healthy People in a Healthy World—provide a strategic framework for achieving health protection and health equity.

The stories in this report exemplify CDC's successes, as the agency strives to become more adept at protecting the public's health, in all ways, in all places, at all times.

Listed below are some of the highlights found in the Health Protection section:

Launched the next generation of the 15-year-old "5 A Day for Better Health" program, "Fruits & Veggies—More Matters."

Awarded $35 million to bolster The Heightened Response to HIV.

Supported the Colorectal Cancer Screening program through five pilot sites.


CDC made great strides in bringing together leaders in business, organizations, and communities who also benefit by working with CDC to achieve its goals. From protecting the homeland and improving business practices, to implementing effective intervention programs and developing better testing technology, new collaborations are allowing CDC to expand its reach across the health protection continuum.

Leadership section highlights include

Completion of data analysis collected through CDC's National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey to assess the risk of common chronic diseases and conditions in the U.S. population that can be attributed to family health history.

Establishment of the Federal Collaboration on Health Disparities Research as part of CDC's ongoing strategies to eliminate health disparities.

Ten intensive on-site scientific evaluations of actual nanotechnology processes in partnership with eight industrial, academic, military, and research organizations.

Organizational Excellence

In an era of limited fiscal resources and many competing priorities, CDC is committed to leveraging resources to achieve maximum health results and reduce health disparities. Prioritizing the agency's activities within the four Health Protection Goals ensures that CDC is focused on optimizing health impact in every laboratory on its campus, in every program it funds, in all its health protection research, and in every outbreak CDC contains.

As a result of its organizational excellence, CDC:

Received the highest rating on Improved Financial Performance as part of the President's Management Agenda.

Created a business improvement office to increase the effectiveness of business activities.

Targeted communication and media activities to successfully raise awareness about health concerns such as chronic fatigue syndrome, multidrug-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, foodborne illnesses, and multidrug-resistant tuberculosis.

For a piece of history that goes everywhere, the FY07 State of CDC Report, along with previous versions, can be downloaded from the State of CDC's main page at

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