Table 1.  Recommended framework of E-code groupings for presenting injury mortality and morbidity data (February 1, 2007)

This matrix contains the ICD-9 external-cause-of-injury codes used for coding of injury mortality data and additional ICD-9-CM external-cause-of-injury codes, designated in bold, only used for coding of injury morbidity data. In addition, a list of ICD-9-CM external-cause-of-injury codes that have been added since 1994 along with their descriptors is appended to the matrix.

Mechanism/Cause Manner/Intent
  Unintentional Self-inflicted Assault Undetermined


Cut/pierce E920.0-.9 E956 E966 E986 E974
Drowning/submersion E830.0-.9, E832.0-.9
E954 E964 E984
Fall E880.0-E886.9, E888 E957.0-.9 E968.1 E987.0-.9
Fire/burn3 E890.0-E899, E924.0-.9 E958.1,.2,.7 E961, E968.0,.3, E979.3 E988.1,.2,.7
   Fire/flame3 E890.0-E899 E958.1 E968.0, E979.3 E988.1
   Hot object/substance E924.0-.9 E958.2,.7 E961, E968.3 E988.2,.7
Firearm3 E922.0-.3,.8, .9 E955.0-.4 E965.0-4, E979.4 E985.0-.4 E970
Machinery E919 (.0-.9)

Motor vehicle traffic2,3 E810-E819 (.0-.9) E958.5 E968.5 E988.5
   Occupant E810-E819 (.0,.1)

   Motorcyclist E810-E819 (.2,.3)

   Pedal cyclist E810-E819 (.6)

   Pedestrian E810-E819 (.7)

   Unspecified E810-E819 (.9)

Pedal cyclist, other E800-E807 (.3)
E820-E825 (.6), E826.1,.9

Pedestrian, other E800-807(.2)

Transport, other E800-E807 (.0,.1,.8,.9)
E820-E825 (.0-.5,.8,.9)
E827-E829 (.2-.9),
E831.0-.9, E833.0-E845.9
Natural/environmental E900.0-E909, E928.0-.2 E958.3
   Bites and stings3 E905.0-.6,.9

Overexertion E927

Poisoning E850.0-E869.9 E950.0-E952.9 E962.0-.9, E979.6,.7 E980.0-E982.9 E972
Struck by, against E916-E917.9
E960.0; E968.2
E973, E975
Suffocation E911-E913.9 E953.0-.9 E963 E983.0-.9
Other specified and
E846-E848, E914-E915
E918, E921.0-.9, E922.4,.5
E923.0-.9, E925.0-E926.9
E928(.3-.5), E929.0-.5
E960.1, E965.5-.9
E968.4,.6, .7
E979 (.0-.2,.5,.8,.9)
E971, E978, 
E990-E994, E996
Other specified, not
elsewhere classifiable
E928.8, E929.8 E958.8, E959 E968.8, E969, E999.1 E988.8, E989 E977, E995, E997.8
E998, E999.0
Unspecified E887, E928.9, E929.9 E958.9 E968.9 E988.9 E976, E997.9
All injury3 E800-E869, E880-E929 E950-E959 E960-E969, E979, E999.1 E980-E989 E970-E978, E990-E999.0
Adverse effects

   Medical care


All external causes


1Includes legal intervention (E970-E978) and operations of war (E990-E999).
2Three 4th-digit codes (.4 [occupant of streetcar], .5 [rider of animal], .8 [other specified person]) are not  presented separately because of small numbers.  However, because they are included in the overall motor vehicle traffic category, the sum of these categories can be derived by subtraction.
3Codes in bold are for morbidity coding only. For details see table 2.
4E849 (place of occurrence) has been excluded from the matrix. For mortality coding, an ICD-9 E849 code does not  exist. For morbidity coding, an ICD-9-CM E849 code should never be first-listed E code and should only appear  as an additional code to specify the place of occurrence of the injury incident.

Note: ICD-9 E codes for coding underlying cause of death apply to injury-related death data from 1979 through 1998. Then there is a new ICD-10 external cause of injury matrix that applies to death data from 1999 and after. This can be found on the National Center for Health Statistics website.

About the framework.

Preliminary ICD-10 External-Cause-of-Injury-Code Matrix for Presenting Injury Mortality Data (NCHS)


Table 2.  New ICD-9-CM external-cause-of-injury codes (E-codes)
implemented by year since October 1994





E869.4 Accidental poisoning by second-hand tobacco smoke


E854.8  Accidental poisoning by other psychotropic agents


E880.1  Fall on or from sidewalk curb


E884.2   Fall from chair
1995 E884.3   Fall from wheelchair


E884.4   Fall from bed


E884.5  Fall from other furniture


E884.6  Fall from commode
1995  E906.5  Bite from unspecified animal
1995  E908.0  Hurricane
1995  E908.1  Tornado
1995  E908.2  Floods
1995  E908.3  Blizzard
1995  E908.4  Dust storm
1995  E908.8  Other cataclysmic storms
1995  E908.9  Unspecified cataclysmic storms
1995  E909.0  External cause of injury due to earthquakes
1995  E909.1  External cause of injury due to volcanic eruptions
1995  E909.2  External cause of injury due to avalanche, landslide or mudslide
1995  E909.3  External cause of injury due to collapse of dam or man-made structure
1995 E909.4  External cause of injury due to tidal wave caused by earthquake
1995 E909.8  Other cataclysmic earth surface movements and eruptions
1995 E909.9 Unspecified cataclysmic earth surface movements and eruptions
1995 E920.5 Accidents caused by hypodermic needle
1995 E924.2  Accident caused by hot (boiling) tap water
1995 E968.5 Assault by transport vehicle
1996 E967.2  Battering and other maltreatment by mother or stepmother
1996 E967.3  Battering and other maltreatment by spouse or partner
1996 E967.4 Battering and other maltreatment by child
1996 E967.5 Battering and other maltreatment by sibling
1996 E967.6 Battering and other maltreatment by grandparent
1996 E967.7 Battering and other maltreatment by other relative
1996 E967.8 Battering and other maltreatment by non-related caregiver
1997 E922.4 Unintentional injury (gunshot wound) with BB/pellet gun
1997 E955.6 Suicide attempt/intentionally self-inflicted with BB/pellet gun
1997 E968.6 Assault with BB/pellet gun
1997 E985.6 Undetermined intent injury (gunshot wound) with BB/pellet gun
2000 E885.1 Fall from roller skates/inline skates
2000 E885.2 Fall from skateboard
2000 E885.3 Fall from skis
2000 E885.4 Fall from snowboard
2000 E885.9 Fall from other slipping, tripping, or stumbling (including fall from moving sidewalk, fall from or in stationary motor vehicle, tripping or falling over an animal, stumbling over object))
2000 E928.3 Human bite (unintentional)
2000 E968.7 Human bite (assault)
2001 E888.0 Fall resulting in striking against sharp object (use additional e code to identify object (E920)
2001 E888.1 Fall resulting in striking against other object
2001 E888.8 Other fall
2001 E888.9 Unspecified fall (Fall NOS)
2001 E917.0 Striking against in sports without subsequent fall (revised)
2001(revised) E917.1 Striking against caused by collective fear or panic without subsequent fall
2001(revised) E917.2 Striking against in running water without subsequent fall drowning or submersion...that in sports)
2001 E917.3 Striking against furniture without subsequent fall (excludes fall from furniture)
2001 E917.4 Striking against other stationary object without subsequent fall(includes bath tub, fence, lamp-post)
2001 E917.5 Striking against object in sports with subsequent fall (includings knocked down while boxing)
2001 E917.6 Striking against or struck by caused by a crowd, by collective fear or panic with subsequent fall)
2001 E917.7  Striking against furniture with subsequent fall
2001 E917.8  Striking against stationary object with subsequent fall
2001(revised) E917.9  Other striking against with or without subsequent fall
2002 E885.0 Fall from (non-motorized) scooter
2002 E922.5  Paintball gun (unintentional)
2002 E955.7 Paintball gun (suicide or intentional self-harm)
2002 E985.7 Paintball gun (undetermined intent)
2002 E979.0 Terrorism involving explosion of marine weapons
2002 E979.1 Terrorism involving destruction of aircraft
2002 E979.2 Terrorism involving other explosions and fragments
2002 E979.3  Terrorism involving fires, conflagration and hot substances
2002 E979.4 Terrorism involving firearms
2002 E979.5 Terrorism involving nuclear weapons
2002 E979.6 Terrorism involving biological weapons
2002 E979.7 Terrorism involving chemical weapons
2002 E979.8 Terrorism involving other means
2002 E979.9 Terrorism, secondary effects
2002  E999.0 Late effect of injury due to war operations
2002 E999.1 Late effect of injury due to terrorism
2003 E928.4 External constriction caused by hair
2003 E928.5 External constriction caused by other object

Important Note: New E codes and revised E codes were implemented in October of each year listed. In most instances, the expanded categories (i.e., adding a new fourth digit) were previously classified in other more broadly defined E codes. Expansions of these categories allow data capture at a detailed level. A major change was made on October 1, 2001 to help classify cases that involve "a fall followed by a struck by/against" and "a struck by/against followed by a fall." This brought about major revisions to inclusion and exclusion criteria for E888 and E917 codes. The new codes and revised E888 and E917 codes are listed above. Note that E917.1, E917.2 and E917.9 have substantially revised definitions. On October 1, 2002, E codes were added to capture “fall (non-motorized) scooter” and to capture injuries associated with paintball guns. Note that there is not a new specific code for paintball gun assault. This is because there were no more available assault codes at the 4th digit. Also, terrorism codes were added.  On October 1, 2003, E928.4 (i.e., external constriction caused by hair) was added to capture injuries, particularly in infants, where the hair on a finger or toe can lead to circulation problems and possibly gangrene.  Also, E928.5 (i.e., external constriction caused by other object) was added to capture injuries due to other objects, such as a wedding ring that may become imbedded in skin.  This is sometimes seen in cases where someone gained weight and didn't remove a ring from their finger.

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