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   Virus Encounters

Teachers' Tools

Virus Encounters

CNN reporter Holly Firfer, on site at CDC.
CNN reporter Holly Firfer, on site at CDC.
This popular free curriculum offers middle and high school school teachers a comprehensive set of multimedia aids and activities for teaching units on infectious disease topics.

CDC experts team up with Turner and use extensive video, text, and the transcripts of interactive discussions to present sessions on topics like viruses, infectious diseases yesterday and today, influenza, and epidemiology, the disease detective profession.

 Understanding infectious disease agents with Dr. Sue Binder of CDC.
Understanding infectious agents with Dr. Sue Binder of CDC.

Accompanying these are five complete learning activities, including labs and simulations, that allow students to further explore the subjects. To round out the program, teachers and students are provided with text resources and a related site listing, worksheets, and glossary.

All materials here are adapted from a live, daylong interactive event with webcasts and moderated chats that was broadcast on October 24, 2000. During the event, hundreds of schools tuned in and over 1,000 students took a screen name to participate in the chats.
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Live Events Archive and Chat Transcript (at 

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 Archived live event sessions include these topics:
 Viruses: Structure and Function  The West Nile File
 Infectious Diseases Past and Present  An Ounce of Prevention...
 The Flu and You  How to be a Disease Detective
 What is an Infectious Disease?
Learning Activities (at

   Activity 1: Modeling Viruses  Activity 4: I Need A Doctor!
 Activity 2: Lytic Cycle Simulation  Activity 5: Disease Detectives
 Activity 3: Taking the Learning Adventure
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Protecting the Nationís Health in an Era of Globalization: CDCís Global Infectious Disease Strategy
Plan describes how CDC and its international partners can collaborate to prevent the emergence and spread of infectious diseases.

CDC Sites and Web Pages Covering Various Diseases Mentioned in Virus Encounters

   Disease Site or Web Page
 Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome All About Hantaviruses
 Influenza Influenza
 St. Louis encephalitis CDC answers your questions about St. Louis Encephalitis
 Viral hepatitis A Viral Hepatitis A
 Ebola hemorrhagic fever Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever
 West Nile encephalitis West Nile Encephalitis

An Ounce of Prevention Keeps the Germs Away
A quick introduction to infectious diseases, and simple things families can do to prevent getting them.

Excite (EXcellence in Curriculum Integration through Teaching Epidemiology)
A collection of teaching materials developed by CDC to introduce students to epidemiology, the science used by disease detectives everywhere, and to teach them about public health.

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