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The National Center for Infectious Diseases (NCID) has been officially reorganized and as a result its former divisions and programs have been realigned into multiple new national centers. Any reference in this site to "NCID" is no longer accurate. The content is being repurposed and this portion of the CDC site remains posted for archive purposes only.
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Infectious Disease Information

Childhood Diseases

Wondering how to keep your child healthy? Need symptom or treatment information? Look under the symptom or disease headings below.


 Overviews and major sites (see below)
 Selected symptoms
 Selected childhood diseases
 Preventing infectious diseases: "how-to" advice

To find information on health topics that do not concern infectious diseases, check Health Topic: Infants and Children in the CDC Health Topics A-Z pages.

Overviews and major sites

An Ounce of Prevention Keeps the Germs Away
Simple things you and your family can do to avoid getting an infectious disease. Disinfecting, vaccinating, safe pet keeping... Text and video

Healthy Swimming
With swimming such a popular activity, you should know how to protect you and your family from recreational water illnesses (RWIs) and help stop germs from getting into the water where you swim in the first place. Fact sheets and printable materials

En Español: Salud del Bebé y el Niño

NOTE: CDC is not a hospital or clinical facility; we do not see patients and are unable to diagnose your illness, provide treatment, prescribe medication, or refer you to specialists.

If you have a medical emergency, contacting CDC is not the proper way to get immediate help. Instead, please contact your health care provider or go to the nearest emergency room. If you are a health care provider, please contact your state epidemiologist or local health department.

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Note: Technical journal articles are not included in this list. To find them, see the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR) and Emerging Infectious Diseases journal (EID), use the infectious disease index, or use the search feature on the NCID home page.

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