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Epidemiologic and Reference Services


The Streptococcus Laboratory can provide advice concerning laboratory procedures used to characterize streptococci (group A, group B, pneumococci) and other catalase negative, gram positive cocci.

Clinicians and microbiologists evaluating streptococcal isolates with potentially novel features (such as an unusual susceptibility profile) or concern about streptococcal outbreaks should contact their state or local health departments for further assistance. CDC’s Respiratory Diseases Branch is available to offer epidemiologic assistance to state and local health departments.

Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to perform typing or other characterization for all requests sent to CDC's Streptococcal Laboratory. Therefore, we ask requestors to first select one of the two categories below review the Lab Request FAQs, and fill in the requested information before contacting us.

  1. S. pneumoniae FAQs and testing form request
  2. Other streptococci and catalase negative, gram positive cocci FAQs and testing form request


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Page last modified: April 17, 2012
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