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Selecting Records


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Selecting records allows you to select a subset of records for tabulating or exporting data. If subsetting is necessary, it must be completed before making a table.

  1. At the opening menu, click the + sign to the left of the Data folder. Names of data files drop down. Click on a file name>Tabulate data. This command will provide you with an empty spreadsheet to build a table.
  2. Select Records>Select.
  3. Click Assist. 
  4. To select from the field list, type in the field name or left-click twice to display the list and select the appropriate field names.
  5. To select from the code list, type in the code value or left-click twice. For instance, if you want to select a subset of women, double-click on the sex field under the field list and the code for female under the code list.

    selecting records screen image

    You may select from the following operators:

    • =  equal to
    • != not equal to
    • >  greater than
    • <  less than
    • >=greater than or equal to
    • <=less than or equal to
    • : in ("in" operators are used to collect records in or not in an interval)
    • !: not in

  6. If you have more than one criteria for the subset, make sure to chose the appropriate connector. 
  7. For a list of the total records found matching the criteria selected, click Refresh.
  8. Click Accept. 
  9. Click Select to collect the records of the subset. (Once records have been selected, you may change your selection by choosing Records> Clear. To select new records, you must repeat the records selection process.)

    • The system will not retain a selected subset. Changing to a different option (such as from Tabulate to Export) will clear the selected subset.
    • To retain the subset for further use, save the expression to the hard drive before selecting the records. The subset expression can be loaded at a later time for use with another option.


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