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About the Clean Water for Health Program

Improvements in water quality have dramatically improved the public’s health in the United States. However, some old challenges remain, and new ones are emerging. For some communities, access to plentiful healthy water is, or may soon be, limited by the presence of environmental pollutants in local water sources, drought and aquifer depletion that limits water availability, inundation events that overwhelm local treatment capacity, local weather changes associated with climate change, new and more stringent regulations, or failures in water-related infrastructure. The public health costs to safeguard our water supply will be high, but the costs associated with failing to do so are likely to be much higher. HSB has an urgent mission to work with public health partners to protect public health by assessing and mitigating the waterborne exposures and diseases and adapting the way we access and use water.

The Clean Water for Health Program at HSB focuses on these activities:

Private Well Initiative

The Private Well Initiative will create a resource that identifies data describing water quantity and quality in non-federally regulated drinking water sources.

Research - Water-borne Exposure Studies

Learn how HSB conducts water-bourne exposure studies to protect the public health and public water supplies in the communities you and your family live in.

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