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CDC - Health Studies Branch archioved website note

Historical Document

This document is provided by the National Center for Environmental Health’s Health Studies Branch ONLY as an historical reference for the public health community. It is no longer being maintained and the data it contains may no longer be current and/or accurate.

For information about current activities, please visit the
Health Studies Branch (HSB) website.


On this page you can find related studies on border health issues from various scientific publications.

  • A study of household pesticide use in Douglas, Arizona: Bass JK, Ortega L, Rosales C, Petersen NJ, Philen RM. What’s being used at home: a household pesticide survey. Rev Panam Salud Publica; Mar 2001; 9(3):138-44.
  • A case-control study looking at chemical exposure in the environment and systemic lupus erythematosus among Nogales residents: Balluz L, Philen R, Ortega L, Rosales C, Brock J, Barr D, Kieszak S. Investigation of systemic lupus erythematosus in Nogales, Arizona. American Journal of Epidemiology; 2001; 54(11):1029-36.
  • A study describing differences in childhood pesticide exposures between Texas-Mexico border counties and non-border counties: Belson M, Kieszak S, Watson W, Blindauer KM, Phan K, Backer L, Rubin C. Childhood pesticide exposures on the Texas-Mexico border: clinical manifestations and poison center use. American Journal of Public Health; Aug 2003; 93 (8):1310-15.

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