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Epi-Aid Investigations

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Epi-Aids are requests for epidemiological assistance within the United States and throughout the world. Requests to assist with emergency responses, investigate infectious and environmental disease outbreaks, and quantify impact of diseases are examples of Epi-Aid responses.


Investigation of Ebola Virus Disease – Ohio, October, 2014

Investigation of Ebola Virus Disease Importation – Texas, October, 2014

Undetermined risk for childhood lead poisoning in the area surrounding a former lead paint production facility. – Pennsylvania, July, 2014

Undetermined burden of disease and risk factors for chikungunya virus infections – Puerto Rico, June, 2014

Investigation of Asthma-Related ER visits – Utah, May, 2014

Undetermined risk factors and mode of transmission in a Healthcare-Associated Legionnares’ Disease Outbreak – Alabama, May, 2014

Undetermined source for a Legionnaires’ disease outbreak associated with a resort – Georgia, March, 2014


Medical chart review and hospital survey after the Elk River chemical spill – West Virginia, January, 2013

Impact of Drought Conditions on Private Well Owners -- Multistate, March, 2013

Community Assessment for Public Health Emergency Response (CASPER) for Rapid Identification of Disaster Response and Recovery Needs of Communities Affected by the Elk River Chemical Spill – West Virginia, April, 2013

Investigation of fatal opiate-related overdoses -- Rhode Island, May, 2013

Investigation of NICU deaths in Hospital A -- Panama, July, 2013

An epidemiologic and environmental investigation of a Legionnaires' disease outbreak associated with a family reunion – Georgia, August, 2013

Investigation of a fatal, unknown, psychoactive substance-related intoxication – Colorado, September, 2013

Acute Hepatitis and Liver Failure Following Use of a Dietary Supplement – Multistate, October, 2013

Investigation of new cases of liver disease to characterize the outbreak, identify risk factors for illness, and assess exposure to PAs from food grains. – Ethiopia, November, 2013


Polio surveillance rapid field assessment -- Kenya, January, 2012

Acceptance and understanding of National Weather Service NWS winter weather warnings -- North Dakota, April, 2012

Evaluation of the impact of adult mosquito control during a West Nile virus outbreak -- Texas, August 2012

Community preparedness for emergencies -- Michigan, Spetember, 2012

Community health effects of mercaptan exposure -- Alabama, September, 2012

Clinical Characterization of Case-Patients Identified as Part of an Outbreak of Fungal Infections Associated with Medications -- Indiana, Virginia, October, 2012

Shelter Surveillance post Hurricane Sandy -- New Jersey, November, 2012

Community experiences and perceptions of geothermal venting and emergency preparedness -- California, November, 2012

Investigation after vinyl chloride release from a train derailment -- New Jersey, December, 2012


Danielle Buttke (EIS ’10) analyzing samples in Ethiopia (2011)

Danielle Buttke (EIS ’10) analyzing samples in Ethiopia (2011)

The body burden of environmental contaminants in a vulnerable population -- Ethiopia, June, 2011

Evaluation of dogs as sentinels for human risk for Rocky Mountain spotted fever in an emergent area -- Arizona, October, 2011

Elevated radiation exposure in patients following Rubidium-82 cardiac imaging scans -- Alabama, Florida, Nevada, New York, November, 2011

Risk Assessment for Rabies PEP Following Exposure to a Bat on an Airplane -- Wisconsin, August, 2011

Chlorine Gas Exposure at a Poultry Processing Plant -- Arkansas, June, 2011

Heat-related Illness Among Migrant Farmworker Populations -- Southern Georgia, June, 2011

Legionnaires' Disease Cases Associated with Travel on a Cruise Ship -- New Orleans, Louisiana, May 2011 (VSP participated, no NCEH EIS officers)

Investigation of a Liver Disease of Unknown Etiology -- Tigray, Ethiopia, March, 2011


Ekta Choudhary (EIS ’09) in American Samoa following the 2010 CASPER

Ekta Choudhary (EIS ’09) in American Samoa following the 2010 CASPER

Nancy Fleischer (EIS ’10) collecting a water sample in Alaska

Nancy Fleischer (EIS ’10) collecting a water sample in Alaska

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