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Foodborne Illnesses

Attribution of Foodborne Illnesses, Hospitalizations, and Deaths to Food Commodities by using Outbreak Data, United States, 1998–2008; EID [PDF - 1.4 MB] – Information on prioritizing food safety commodities to evaluate foodborne illness and outbreaks.

Estimates of Foodborne Illness in the United States – Trends in food-related illness in the United States.

Foodborne Outbreak Online Database (FOOD) – Data on foodborne illness outbreaks in the U.S., searchable by year, state, location, and pathogen.

Frequently Asked Questions on Foodborne Disease [PDF - 140 KB] – Answers to questions such as the most common foodborne diseases.

Incidence of Foodborne Illness, 2010 – Numbers from 2010 on food-related illness in the United States.

Incidence and Trends of Foodborne Illness, 2011 – Numbers on food-related illness in the United States for 2011, and comparisons between 2011 and earlier years.

Salmonella Infection (Salmonellosis) – Information about salmonellosis.

Spinach-associated Escherichia coli O157:H7 Outbreak, Utah and New Mexico, 2006 – Summary of results from a case-control study to characterize the outbreak and a lab investigation to test spinach eaten by case-patients for contamination.

Taeniasis FAQs – Information about Taenia infection.

Viral Hepatitis – CDC's Viral Hepatitis .

Foodborne Illness Outbreaks and Activity - MMWR Articles by Publication Date

Using Online Reviews by Restaurant Patrons to Identify Unreported Cases of Foodborne Illness — New York City, 2012–2013

Cryptosporidiosis outbreak at a summer camp --- North Carolina, 2009

Foodborne and Waterborne Disease Outbreaks — United States, 1971–2012

Vital Signs: Incidence and Trends of Infection with Pathogens Transmitted Commonly Through Food — Foodborne Diseases Active Surveillance Network, 10 U.S. Sites, 1996–2010

Vital Signs: Multistate Foodborne Outbreaks — United States, 2010–2014

Outbreak of Salmonella Serotype Saintpaul Infections Associated with Multiple Raw Produce Items --- United States, 2008

Outbreaks of Acute Gastroenteritis Transmitted by Person-to-Person Contact — United States, 2009–2010

Salmonella Litchfield Outbreak Associated with a Hotel Restaurant --- Atlantic City, New Jersey, 2007

Surveillance for Foodborne Disease Outbreaks — United States, 2009–2010

Reports by Environmental Public Health Leadership Institute Graduates

We have many foodborne illness reports that were prepared by graduates of CDC’s Environmental Public Health Leadership Institute. These documents have not been revised or edited to conform to agency standards. The findings and conclusions in these reports are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily represent the views of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. For these reports and others search the EPHLI fellow projects page.

Links to Information from outside CDC

Checklist for Schools When Outbreaks of Gastroenteritis Are Suspected (Minnesota Department of Health) – Actions to perform after the initial identification of gastrointestinal illnesses in schools.

Epidemiological Analysis of Campylobacter Case Investigations [PDF - 191 KB] (San Mateo Health Department, California) – 2011-2012 analysis of county-level Campylobacter case investigations.

Foodborne Illness and Contaminants (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) – FDA guidelines for protection against foodborne illness.

Foodborne Illness Manual and Database (Multnomah County Environmental Health Services) – Integrated practice models to help programs quickly respond to foodborne illness complaints [developed with funding from the EHS capacity-building program]

Guidelines for Foodborne Disease Outbreak Response [PDF - 2.5 MB] (Council to Improve Foodborne Outbreak Response) – Comprehensive information for individuals and organizations involved in foodborne disease.

Human Enteric Viruses as Causes of Foodborne Disease [PDF - 280 KB] – Article reviews the agents, transmission routes, epidemiology, persistence, diagnosis, and detection of foodborne viruses and their diseases.

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