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EHS-Net Partners - San Mateo County

The County of San Mateo Health Department is an EHS-Net practice partner. The County of San Mateo EHS-Net program is working on a food practice project in FY 2010-2015.

Reduction of Campylobacter

This project will focus on reducing the county’s high Campylobacter infection rates. San Mateo staff will

  • Collect and monitor data on the incidence of Campylobacter.
  • Develop and evaluate targeted interventions based on these data.
  • Establish strategic partnerships with community organizations.
  • Increase public awareness of Campylobacter and its associated health risks.

Project objectives over the 5-year period include

  • Reducing incidence of Campylobacter infection by 15%-25%.
  • Decreasing food facility risk factors associated with raw chicken handling by 50%.
  • Increasing food handler knowledge of Campylobacter risk and safe food handling practices associated with raw chicken by 50%.
  • Increasing the public’s knowledge and awareness of the environmental health role in public health by 30%-40%.

For this project, San Mateo developed training materials to help restaurant operators train employees on safe handling of raw chicken.

San Mateo also conducted interviews with people who got sick with Campylobacter infection [PDF - 191 KB] to learn more about who is affected and why.