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About the Environmental Health Specialists Network (EHS-Net)

EHS-Net (pronounced S-Net) is a collaborative forum of environmental health specialists whose mission is to improve environmental health practice. These specialists collaborate with epidemiologists and laboratorians to identify and prevent environmental factors contributing to foodborne and waterborne illness outbreaks.

EHS-Net work is based on system theory. EHS-Net assists state health departments in their efforts to improve the practice of environmental health service programs. EHS-Net conducts environmental assessments to determine why an agent was present in the environment in such a way that the host could be exposed. EHS-Net works to

  • Identify environmental antecedents (underlying factors) to illness and disease outbreaks.
  • Translate findings into improved prevention efforts using a systems-based approach.
  • Offer training opportunities to current and future environmental health specialists.
  • Strengthen collaboration among epidemiology, laboratory, and environmental health programs.

Read about how EHS-Net’s environmental public health practice work supports CDC’s Winnable Battle on Food Safety. [PDF - 305 KB]

Food-Safety Projects

EHS-Net conducts multisite food-safety studies with partners in several states. These multisite food-safety projects are grouped in four focus areas:

  • Restaurant-related foodborne illness outbreaks
  • General public’s beliefs about gastrointestinal illness
  • Restaurant food handling and food safety practices
  • Retail food safety programs

EHS-Net also conducts food-safety studies in individual states.

Water-Safety Projects

EHS-Net conducts multisite water-safety projects as well as studies in individual states.

National Environmental Assessment Reporting System (NEARS)

NEARS supports identification of factors that can be routinely monitored by food-safety programs to prevent or reduce the risk for foodborne illness outbreaks associated with food-service establishments.

EHS-Net Information System

The EHS-Net Information System supports EHS-Net’s data collection activities in the area of foodborne and waterborne illness outbreak prevention. The system is also available for use by government agencies and nonprofit organizations to support their data collection needs relating to environmental health.

See how you can use the EHS-Net Information System to support your next data collection activity.

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