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Workshop Abstracts

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Session E 15

The National Environmental Public Health Tracking Network: Tracking Our Progress

Description of Session

The Pew Environmental Health Commission found a critical information gap exists for “tracking environmental exposures and the distribution of disease and its relationship to the environment.” CDC is leading an initiative to address this gap. The National Environmental Public Health Tracking Network will integrate hazard monitoring and exposure and health effects surveillance into a network of standardized electronic data to provide scientific information on exposures, health conditions, and their possible spatial and temporal relationship. Tracking Network information will be used to drive public health actions to improve community health. CDC is building this network by establishing partnerships, state and local infrastructure, workforce capacity, analytic tools, and outreach. State and local pilot projects have served as “proof of concept” and demonstrated the technical feasibility of linking data; considered scientific issues and methods relating to exposure assessment and spatial/temporal analyses; and developed strategies for communicating risk. Challenges include data availability, quality, and access; availability of methods and tools; and workforce development issues. This session discusses progress in Tracking Network development and identifies lessons learned and implementation challenges, benefits, and strategies.

Presenter(s) E-mail
Moderator: Judith Qualters, PhD, MPH

Presenter 1: Pam Meyer, PhD, MPH

Title of Presentation:Tracking Program Lessons Learned

Presenter 2: Patrick Wall, BS

Title of Presentation:Tracking Network Implementation

Presenter 3: Sascha Fielding, BA

Title of Presentation:Tracking Program Marketing, Outreach and Evaluation