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2012 Intern Profiles

Faduma Ahmed-Ali
Community Health Major
Environmental Studies Minor
Portland State University

This internship enriched my knowledge, improved my public speaking skills, and overall, gave me the assurance of my passion for environmental health and justice. Sincerely speaking, my horizons to a different career path have been expanded.

Philip Angelides
History and Political Science Majors
Environmental Issues and Global Health Minors
Colorado College

My work with the GRASP department was my favorite part of the internship. They were incredible to work with and genuinely friendly people. I wouldn’t have picked any other group of individuals to work with. I thought this internship was a life-changing experience. Not only did I receive the guidance to excel on my project, but I was also afforded the support and experience to take my passions to the next level. I wouldn’t have traded this experience for the world.

Albert Chen
Environmental Science and Neuroscience Majors
Duke University

I had the opportunity to explore the vast field of environmental health through meaningful interaction with its leaders and through hands-on research projects. These experiences have ultimately helped me refine my career aspirations.

Angus Chen
Environmental Studies and Creative Writing Majors
Oberlin College

People rarely recognize how public health protects them – or even just what it is and what it really means. This summer introduced me to many aspects of it and afforded me a deeper, though still a mere scratch in the surface, perspective of public health, environmental health, and service.

Aleah Goldin
Global Health, International Development, and Human Rights Major
Anthropology Minor
University of Richmond

Superfund. Brownfields. I never heard these words prior to this internship. As a global health and international development major, I studied waste management, waterborne diseases, and emergency management – and thought that these encompassed the full range of environmental health topics. I was in for a shock when I learned environmental health was much, much more.

Cara Nordberg
Toxicology and Environmental Resource Management Majors
Pennsylvania State University

Computational toxicology was something I had never really heard of before this internship, despite being a Toxicology major. It was really great to learn about a completely different side of the field and gave me more career options for the future. I was a little skeptical at first, because I came in with the assumption that all toxicology involved lab animals or cell work. In the end, the project was perfect for me!

Jamie Price
Political Science Major
Florida State University

Most students have yet to have experience working towards something that will actually have an impact on anything and this internship provided that... this internship gave me valuable knowledge that I will take with me wherever I go.

Kimber Ray
Environmental Policy, Institutions and Behavior Major
Spanish and Ecology& Evolution Minors
Rutgers University

The experience has been profoundly enriching, and has greatly enhanced the depth of my understanding of the environment and public health. The people I have met during the course of my internship not only helped me to cultivate this understanding, but were also wonderful and interesting people to interact with. They made the internship more than a professional experience—it was an experience of comprehensive growth and development.

Stephen Smilowitz
Health and Societies Major
Hispanic Studies Minor
University of Pennsylvania

I really don’t think I could have had a better time in Atlanta than I did with all my fellow CLEH interns. Applying to the CLEH internship and accepting their invitation will definitely be a highlight as I look back on my undergraduate career.

Michelle Tang
Environmental Science Major
Urban Education Minor
Santa Clara University

I am grateful for having the opportunity to travel to see community health in action. It really was an impactful experience for me to meet with community members, city and state health departments, and other groups and organizations that were concerned about health in their communities and see how ATSDR could serve them. My favorite part was being surrounded by student leaders with diverse experiences and interests who come from all over the country.

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