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2011 Intern Profiles

2011 Interns


Kartik Amarnath
Cellular and Molecular Biology Major
Anthropology Minor
DePauw University

The internship gave me more perspective on what I would like to do in the future and how to exercise my passions through public service. My internship at CDC has not only made me realize the value of the public health sector, but also the need for more people to get involved in the field.


Paul Bourdillon
Environmental Engineering Major
Northwestern University

The experiential learning and networking opportunities opened my eyes to the possibilities in the field of environmental health and gave me the tools to successfully contribute to this emerging and necessary field.


Andrea Carson
Environmental Studies and Globalization Studies Majors
Gettysburg College

I would most certainly recommend this internship to others. The structure, intern dynamics, personal projects, and broad overarching environmental health topics truly make this a well rounded internship.


Ryann Child
Environmental Science and Policy Major
Study of Ethics Minor
Duke University

I’m leaving CLEH with a more concrete direction for how I intend to combine my interest in environmental issues with my passions for livable communities and ethical dialogue.


Dylan Cowart
Public Health and International Relations Majors
Johns Hopkins University

The internship combined a passionate group of interns with leaders in every field imaginable in environmental health, and gave us projects that let us dig our hands in the metaphorical dirt of the CDC.


Julia Denison
Studio Art Major
Spanish and Art History Minors
Indiana University

I met incredible people who challenged me to work hard and to ask difficult questions. I learned about instructional design and the challenge of communicating health information to multiple audiences, as well as what opportunities exist for artists in this field.


Tomás León
Environmental Engineering Major
Sociology Minor
Georgia Institute of Technology

I had countless opportunities during the internship to meet fascinating people doing extraordinary work to better our world and our understanding of what happens around us in the human-environment nexus. I feel like I have learned so much and have honed my understanding of what kind of work I want to do in the future.


Sameera Mangena
English and Pre-law Majors
Music Minor
Kansas University

The fact that I learned about environmental health during this internship and am now considering a career in environmental health is invaluable, but the knowledge that this internship introduced me to a group of people that I respect, admire, and care about deeply is priceless.


Adam Meier
Environmental Humanities Major
Cultural Anthropology Minor
Stony Brook University

Prior to my experience at the CDC, environmental health was not a field I was considering pursuing, nor did I have a foundational knowledge environmental health. However, this internship provided an extensive glimpse into the diversity of specialties and interests that are needed in the field.


Larisa Niehaus
Biology Major
West Virginia University

The most impactful part of this internship is the people – Cory, Jay, the other interns and everyone else in between truly made this experience one of the most enjoyable and memorable times of my life.


Noah Proser
Environment, Economics and Policy Major
Claremont McKenna College

Thanks to my experience with CDC, I would like to incorporate environmental health into whatever I do. The internship coordinators and my supervisor did a great job of making this an educational experience. I especially appreciate their assistance with my professional development, including presentation trainings, career advice, and the mentor program.


Brandon Sauceda
Environmental Science Major
Southeast Missouri State University

I came into this internship with a strong idea of what environmental health is, but I had no idea what to do with this knowledge or how to make a career out of it. After many eye-opening experiences my commitment to environmental health as a career has been reconfirmed.


Alisha Sledge
Environmental Science Major
Environmental Health Science Minor
Alabama A&M University

My favorite part of the internship was getting to work on a project that is contributing to a bigger picture and aiding research of foodborne illness. The CLEH program has opened my eyes to the extremely diverse sea of environmental health and public health options. I plan to have more environmental endeavors and pursue a career in the field of environmental health.


Christina Tobitsch
Environmental Science Major
Environmental Studies Minor
University of Connecticut

The internship, as a whole, has caused me to become so much more knowledgeable in various areas of environmental health. I have watched myself undergo so much personal growth and skill development throughout this internship.

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