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2013 Intern Profiles

 2013 Interns - group photo 

 2013 CLEH Intern: Morgan Bartz

Morgan Bartz
Swarthmore College
Environmental Studies and Education Studies Major

Before the internship, I had only a tenuous understanding of what an environmental health career might look like... as a result of the field trips, guest speakers, journal clubs, and my time spent at CDC/ATSDR, I have a much better understanding of the variety of careers available in this field.

 2013 CLEH Intern: Hannah Grooms

Hannah Grooms
Northwestern University
Environmental Engineering Major
African Studies Minor

This was seriously the best internship ever! I thoroughly enjoyed every day at work and felt like I was helping the CDC/ATSDR as well as my own personal development. The networking opportunities were incredible and I was so happy to be able to talk to so many different people!

 2013 CLEH Intern:  Maria Jolly

Maria Jolly
University of Illinois - Urbana Champaign
Earth, Society, and Environmental Sustainability Major
Molecular Cellular Biology and Chemistry Minor

This internship so beautifully tied my two passions – medical practice and environmental concerns. Beyond that, I thrive when in an environment where I can brainstorm with others on how to create a better world and I felt like working at the CDC/ATSDR this summer would help me figure out how I can do just that.

 2013 CLEH Intern:  Celia Karp

Celia Karp
University of North Carolina – Charlotte
Public Health Sciences Major
Communications Studies Major
Spanish Major

No two days at CDC/ATSDR were the same throughout my 10-week internship. Each day presented me with new opportunities for exploration and growth, and enabled me to think outside of the box about many environmental issues I had never before considered as important to human health.

 2013 CLEH Intern: Noel Myers

Noel Myers
Oberlin College
Environmental Studies Major
Economics Major

My experience at the CDC/ATSDR facilitated my growth as a young professional... working in a research-oriented government position helped me gauge how it is necessary to act and the quality of work I am expected to produce after school.

 2013 CLEH Intern:  Zoe Petropoulos

Zoe Petropoulos
Georgetown University
Environmental Biology Major
Environmental Health Minor

This internship helped solidify my interest in environmental health and showed me the kinds of opportunities I might have as a public health professional one day.

 2013 CLEH Intern: Samira Siddique

Samira Siddique
Wesleyan University
Social Studies Major
Environmental Studies Minor

The CLEH internship, more than anything, is a comprehensive immersion program into the field of environmental health. By the end of the internship, we are exposed to the important subsets of environmental health, and we can only just begin to fathom the scope of the field, and where our place in it may be. More than anything, it is inspiring that this field is so multi-disciplinary and in need of people with diverse skillsets and topics of expertise.

 2013 CLEH Intern: Amy Sung

Amy Sung
Brown University
Environmental Science Major

Because of this internship, I started to think more seriously about pursuing a graduate degree in either public health or environmental science while tying in a health component. However, no matter my career, I am intending to integrate environmental health into my position because I feel as though there is much progress to be made, and I have the tools to help make the difference.

 2013 CLEH Intern: Robin Xu

Robin Xu
Pomona College
Environmental Analysis Major
Politics Major

It sounds cliché, but my CLEH experience has really helped me find myself. Before this, I already knew my interests, strengths, and talents, but I had no idea what career paths in the real world were available to people like me. CLEH has not only helped me see these career paths, but I also met kind and inspiring mentors who I can look to for guidance in the future.

 2013 CLEH Intern:  David Yeomans

David Yeomans
North Carolina State University
Environmental Technology and Management Major
Chemistry Major

This internship has taught me how large the field of public health is and has allowed me to see public health as a potential career path. I have grown as a person during this summer internship and feel more comfortable being a leader. This internship has been a life-changing experience that I will never forget.

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