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Step 3: Focus the Evaluation

The third step for program evaluation is to focus the evaluation.

Start by looking at your logic model and all of the potential things that you could evaluate. For each of the boxes, "Did this thing happen?" For each of the arrows between boxes, "Did this relationship occur?" "Did the relationship occur the way we anticipated?" There's no way that you can answer all of the potential questions, so you must focus the evaluation. Because evaluation resources are usually limited, use them wisely. Only try to answer the necessary questions to which you don't already know the answers.

Determine the Evaluation's Purpose

Knowing the purpose of your evaluation can help you focus your scope. It is possible to have multiple purposes, but you should determine what you want to know at the end of the evaluation. For example, do you need to measure the impact your program had to get additional funding?


You don't have to evaluate every piece of your program or intervention. Instead, focus on the most important pieces, or the pieces that you are able to change.