Social Marketing
Nutrition and Physical Activity


Step 4: Gather Credible Evidence

What to Measure for Social Marketing Programs?

Evaluating Place
Another aspect that you may want to add to your evaluation is the idea of place. Were you successful at putting materials and messages in the places you identified? Were those places the best ones to reach the target audience? Did the audience have easy and convenient access to any tangible products or services you offered them?

Evaluating Promotion
The final P is promotion. When evaluating promotional activities that include commercials, media placement, and communication campaigns, keep exposure in mind. How many people were exposed to your program? Did you reach the right people (i.e., the segment of the audience that you tried to reach)?

In evaluating promotion, remember to address all of the ways you promoted your program which may include methods other than advertisements or mass media approaches. For example, how well did word of mouth work? How did the participants hear about the program?