Social Marketing
Nutrition and Physical Activity



In phase 3, you learned how to develop your marketing strategy and make final decisions about an audience segment, behavior, and the 4 P's. Now, in phase 4, you will learn how to choose intervention activities or components and choose the details that will allow you to implement those activities. See the example below.

Strategy Activities Details
Teach cooking skills to parents so they'll know how to make healthy family meals. Cooking classes at the local YMCA while children are playing (supervised by YMCA staff). Cooking class curriculum or lesson plans.
Agreement with YMCA to provide kitchen facility and space for classes.
YMCA staff agree to supervise children.
Weekly cooking demonstrations with all ingredients on hand at local grocery stores. Demonstration supplies.
Agreement with grocery stores to hold demonstrations.
Recipe cards for healthy, easy, and kid-friendly meals. Recipes for cards.
Criteria for "healthy" meals.
Distribution channels for cards and coordination with cooking classes.