Social Marketing
Nutrition and Physical Activity



photo of people in a meetingThis phase of the social marketing process is the time to begin planning what the intervention will actually look like. This is the phase where planners choose and develop activities, products, messages, materials, distribution channels, supporting services, and so forth to put the marketing strategy designed in phase 3 to work.

This module and the next two modules focus on the unique contributions of social marketing to the design and implementation of an intervention. By completing phases 1—3, you are in a much stronger position to create an intervention than if you were starting from scratch. Remember your focus on the audience and their point of view. Keep yourself from reverting to the activities you've always done or the ideas you had at the beginning if they are not supported by what you've learned about your audience.

This is the time to be very specific about what you will actually do with your intervention.

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Phase 4 is closely connected to phase 5, evaluation. You will likely be planning your intervention's details and the evaluation at the same time.