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How to Pretest

a woman interviewing a girl at a mallPretesting can be done in a variety of ways, depending on the level of resources you have. You may want to set up an "advisory group" made up of members of your audience segment who can give you clear and honest feedback about the components you are proposing. You could also try to find an existing group of target audience members. Maybe they are part of a school PTA or a church group. See if you can have some time at one of their meetings to get feedback.

Limited Resources?Limited Resources?

Using existing groups or setting up a volunteer advisory group can be very cost-efficient ways of pretesting. Depending on what and how you're testing, you could also try intercept interviews. Catch people at the grocery store or dropping their kids off at school and ask them a few short, simple questions. If you do this be sure to develop a screener to ensure that you are talking to someone who is part of your audience segment. Also, make sure to get permission from property owners or businesses if you plan to stop people on their property.