Social Marketing
Nutrition and Physical Activity


Choose Intervention Activities or Components

Example Activities

Sample Price-Related Activities

  • photo of someone buying something at a produce standReduce monetary cost of products (lower costs of healthy items in vending machines, subsidize costs of fruits and vegetables, reduce cost of after-school programs that provide physical activity).
  • Reduce non-monetary costs (provide exercise classes at work, provide childcare at activities, provide easy and convenient transportation to and from activities, make fruits and vegetables available nearby).
  • Increase cost of competitive products (add tax to soft drinks, increase costs of unhealthy items in workplace cafeteria, establish a fine for daycares showing more than a limited amount of TV).
  • Make the desired behavior easier to do (provide a treadmill in the workplace; have healthy options in the snack machine).
  • Advocate for policy changes that reduce barriers (add sidewalks to neighborhoods to make walking easier, pay for increased security at community parks, flexible schedules to allow for physical activity in work sites, remove free formula and take home bags from maternity floors).