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Make Strategy Decisions

AudienceChoose an Audience Segment

After analyzing the formative research results from phase 2, you will choose a specific target audience segment. If you had more than one round of formative research, you may have been able to narrow down your audience segment after an early round. If not, now is the time to do so.

Your choice is also influenced by

  • Available resources.
  • Stakeholder and partner wishes.
  • Political climate.
  • Funding requirements.

For example, if your funding source dictates that you should work with a low-income population, then that consideration should be factored into your segmentation framework. You could still choose a segment based on other factors, especially if income level doesn't affect the behavior you're trying to change, but then attempt to work with the individuals in the segment that qualify as "low-income." You must decide which criteria matter to behavior change.

Need to review? See Phase 2: Audience Segmentation.