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Make Strategy Decisions

AudienceChoose Secondary Audiences

In addition to choosing a final audience segment, you will need to make a decision about any influencing audiences you want to include in your program. Look through the problem description data and formative research results to find information that reveals who the target audience segment finds influential. If you are using the Strategy Development Worksheet, any pertinent data can be placed in the Formative Research Results column.

Next, use that information to answer the following questions:
1. Is there an important secondary audience?
2. If so, does the secondary audience influence the audience segment's behavior enough so that you should devote program resources to reaching the secondary audience?
3. If so, how will your program activities be designed for the secondary audience (in order for them to influence the primary audience)?
Once you have made those decisions, write them down in the second column of the worksheet, beside "Secondary Audience."

Need to review? See Phase 2: Secondary Audiences.


If you choose to develop program activities for the secondary audience, you will probably want to apply the audience orientation outlook to them as well.