Social Marketing
Nutrition and Physical Activity


Scenario 27


"We really had a breakthrough once we chose the behaviors that we're going to focus on

  1. Monitor TV time.
  2. Limit TV time.
  3. Establish family rules for TV time.

Because they are all linked together, we felt comfortable having more than one behavior as our goal. Also, determining what behaviors we'd like to change helped us see that we want parents to change their behavior, but do it in a way that influences the children. Based on the definitions of primary and secondary audiences, it looks like children are still our primary target audience, but parents will be strong influencers. And, the majority of our efforts will be directed at parents.

After that decision was made, Bob and I met with a small group of coalition members to review our decisions so far and to get their input in creating our objectives. It was amazing. We divided into two groups and had each group write SMART objectives for one of the behaviors on our list. Nobody had any problems with our final behaviors and they seemed to enjoy the exercise on writing objectives. They worked hard and encouraged us to continue.

Here are some of the objectives they came up with. I think a couple of them need some changes. What do you think?"